Saturday, September 30, 2006

YYZ........... What a Rush

If you've ever heard of the Canadian band Rush, you know who Neil Peart is (only one of the greatest drummers alive). But even if you're not in the know, this animation of Neil created by a fan (Bobby Standridge) is out of this world.

We respond to visual better..........

Have you ever wanted to browse a web site via its pictures rather than via its text? Here's how you can do it:

Go to Google, and choose the "Images" tab. Then type in, where sitename is the name of the site you want to browse visually, such as Then, when you see a picture you like, just click on it and Google will take you to the page that has the picture. Of course, some sites offer better visual browsing than others. Like, for example..........

Friday, September 29, 2006

Imagine...... you could turn windows into generators

OLEDs are revolutionizing the electronics industry. Well, if the people at Cornell make any more advances, we could be using them for displays and solar panels, maybe even at the same time.

No need to lose those extra pounds.........

HP now sells digital cameras with some peculiar "artistic" effects that can be applied to the photos while in camera. Such as soft glow, vintage, retro and "slimming". The idea is that the slimming effect makes you look thinner than you really are.

This could be very helpful in creating the photo album for your profile on the online dating service...........

"But it wasn't a rock......."

Livingstones furniture look like rocks, but they're not. Assorted couches, chairs, footstools, cushions and tables.

More fun Star Wars spoof toys

Remember Darth Tater? Well, ditch your bathtub duckies because it's time for Duck Fader. They glow in the darth.... errrr dark. You'll "recognize their fowl stench" anywhere [snort].

zefrank vs weenis (weenis loses)

Must....... not........ piss........ ZeFrank............ off........................... ever!

You know - unless you wanna be called Dweeby Von Asshat....... or Weenis (among others).

Do not watch this episode at work or in front of the kids. Let the tongue lashing begin.....

Where's the syrup?

Do you like pancakes? Do you like sausages with your pancakes? How about pogos (you know - those hotdogs wrapped in batter on a stick)? Then Jimmy Dean has a treat for you. Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick. I kid you not............

Al Queerda attack thwarted.....

This is so bizarre, I find it hard to believe this is a true story. 2 men were told to stop touching and kissing on an American Airlines flight. It escalated to the pilot threatening to divert the flight.

What the hell is happening to our society? The men in question asked a very legitimate question - they asked the purser if the stewardess would have made the request if they were a man and a woman. That's when things got rough. Because you know - men kissing is just a secret sign that a terrorist act is about to be exercised.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a ripoff!

Imagine this: You've subscribed to a (legal) video download service. To use it, you have to agree to let a running program send all sorts of data about you back to their company, including what you're doing with the videos. You can only watch your videos in the US on four "Authorized Devices." You can't sell them or make backup copies. All the rules are subject to change at the company's discretion. Agree to their end user license agreement (EULA) yet they can modify, suspend, or discontinue the service at any time without notice. If you violate the EULA, they have the right to delete all the videos you bought with no refund.

Today if you buy a DVD, you can lend it, show it on any player you want and then sell it. If you pay that same money to Amazon's Unbox service to download the film to your PC, you can only watch it on a selected few screens and only as long as Amazon still likes you.

Read about it here.

I think in the pic, Darlene clearly indicates what I think of that.........

How does cell phone use in public affect you?

There's a great article in Wired News about the way cell phone use has changed our behaviour in public (driving not included). Excerpts:

" Whereas once the voices in public places were always directed to people who were present, a great back-turning [has] taken place. A voice on a bus is now as likely to be speaking to someone invisible and absent as someone else sitting on the bus.

Have you noticed that no one makes firm appointments anymore? Everything is sketchy, provisional, penciled in. "I'll call you when I get there." "Something's come up; can we reschedule?"

The hell [sic] phone may be a boon to the spontaneous, but it's also a license for the slippery, the evasive and the passive aggressive to mess with your head."

Don't try to bite it either......

This drink cooler is a substitute for ice, great if you need to cool the beverage, but cannot afford the dilution that comes with ice. Uh, you might want to be careful how you throw these into the glass......... they're made of stainless steel with a hollow core filled with liquid.


I've always wanted to go for a ride in a Corvette. Today, I finally got my wish. One of my colleagues has a 1990 ZR-1 Corvette. It's got a 32 valve, 350 cubic inch, Lotus designed engine with 405HP - stock. He offered me a ride.

We hit the highway to get out of the city and got onto a country road so he could show off the acceleration. Poor pickup truck in front of us probably was starting to freak out when he saw this stealth car racing at him from behind at 150km/h. We turned around, got back to the highway and took the cloverleaf onramp at 120km/h (75mph). That's not a typo. Those F1 tires held us to the road very nicely, but as we were approaching the end of the onramp, I was getting just a little nervous. You run out of merge lane pretty fast doing 120km/h+ and the right lane was not clear - I repeat - it was NOT clear! I guess I worried for nothing, because he tromped it and we got past those wannabees toute de suite. Those poor bastards just saw a black blur go by them on the right and probably had a little heart murmur. We were doing 210km/h (130mph) before he let off the gas and cruised back into city limits.

Yeah.......... good times.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get out your tuque and mitts!

I double-dog dare you to try to spend less than 5 minutes on this new fun time waster - Line Rider. Draw a line and let the rider ride it like a toboggan on a hill, complete with spills and crashes. The hand icon allows you to drag the image to the left so you can keep drawing more to the right. People at work are going to hate me tomorrow..........

Now if I could only get it to mow the lawn.........

There's a new toy on my wish list. I may be scratching it off the list (translation - buying it) before Xmas, but I'm hoping to garner feedback from real (translation - not paid by the company) people who have actually used the product.

The product is the Roomba Discovery vacuum. It's a little robot that will clean whatever floor you unleash it on, with the ability to return to its charger before it runs out of juice. It can avoid furniture, stairs, and can be contained in an area using the virtual walls that are included. I understand that it won't do as good a job on carpeting as a human with a powerful vac, but now that we have mostly hardwood flooring, I'm thinking it might do the trick. Plus, I'll get to own a real robot! Yay!

I even have a plan to help pay for it. I'm going to sell tickets to people who own cats who want to bring them over to experience their reactions to the little automaton........

Backups - so many choices...... so little time

Someone asked me recently, "what's the best and most reliable backup solution for a home computer?" There are so many answers to this question, but I want to address the big picture.

There are just so many factors affecting backup solutions that you need to consider more than just reliability. You should also consider practicality, ease of use, degree of risk, cost and time invested. Remember - I'm speaking in the context of a home user's needs only. There is no such thing as a "best" solution - only best for you. So ask yourself if the data on your hard drive is that valuable. Can you get by with just a backup of those files created by you, or do you need to backup everything? Is it enough to save the files on your own PC or do you want to physically store them elsewhere? What kind of media is big enough, durable enough and perhaps, portable enough? External hard drive, DVDs, CDs, USB thumb drive, backup tapes, take your pick.... each have their pros and cons.

In my completely irrelevant yet humbly offered opinion, my idea of the perfect backup would be the copying of valued files over the network to another PC (under my control) using the leftover space to store the backup. It's making use of existing hardware and network resources - very efficient.

Anyway, some things to think about. Best is so subjective..........

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shakes on a Plane!

In light of the airline industry's ban on liquids, I have an idea for a new thriller........ "Shakes on a Plane!"

You might actually get motion sickness methinks.....

This is truly geekiful (geeky + beautiful). This guy builds a real flight simulator out of virtual reality goggles and a wireless camera feed from a remote controlled model airplane. As he turns his head, the camera on the plane turns too. If they sold this in stores........... there'd be one under my tree this Xmas.

P.S.: He's Canadian.......

No wonder they get caught.....

Considering that we don't live downtown, Darlene and I spend a lot of time there. Some of our favourite restaurants and shopping can be found there, as can Darlene's favourite salon. My acting class is downtown too.

One of the most curious things I get to witness (on an amazingly frequent basis), are the drug deals that go down on the street in broad daylight. These people are so damned obvious by their attempt at inconspicuousness, it's as entertaining as watching a candid camera show on TV. These people are shifty beyond description; pacing up and down the street; ducking in and out of alleys; trying to hide behind light standards and transparent bus shelters (it's not working....); exhibiting nervous laughter and talking louder than normal; limbs flailing about like someone who has lost conscious control of their muscles; frenetic, schizophrenic glances over their shoulders with a display of paranoia not seen since the TV show "X Files".

I wonder if they truly realize how much attention they attract to themselves? Or have the drugs affected them so badly, that they've just lost touch with physical reality? It's like watching someone with a severe tic try to act normal. Regarding the picture, don't let their fancy outfits fool you........... they're still jonesing - big time.

Alberta high speed rail idea

There's a lot of talk (again) about a high speed rail link between Calgary and Edmonton. Those that are bringing it up are suggesting that the traffic on the highway connecting the two cities will reach capacity soon with all the massive growth, so a high speed rail line may be justifiable. In an effort to gauge viability, they're setting up cameras between the two cities to determine if highway users are in fact driving the whole stretch.

First of all, even if 90% of the highway's traffic were made up of people going all the way from one city to the other, this is not justification to build a rail line. If getting from one to the other without their cars was an option, these people would have already been inclined to take a flight. But they're not. Why? Cost is one issue. I think mostly because they need (want?) their cars when they get to the destination. A rail link is not going to be useful to anyone whose start point or destination falls outside the downtown core, especially the 2 cities' transit systems being what they are. I can tell you right now it's not a viable solution in the form they're going to suggest.

The real solution would be a high speed rail line that has train cars like they have on the Eurotunnel Shuttle line between the UK and France. The kind that accommodates cars. If people had the choice to drive onto the train, sit back for an hour (or so) for the trip and drive off the train at their destination, it would sell like hotcakes. Because the worst part of the trip isn't just the boring drive there, it's the "how do I get the rest of the way?" upon arrival.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The whole Katrina story.......... by Spike Lee

If you'd like some insight on what it was really like before, during and after Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing disaster, try to find the brilliant "When the Levees Broke" by Spike Lee. It's in 2 parts and runs 255 minutes total. It's quite the tale and it's told from the perspective of the real victims. Mind boggling how with all of our technology, hundreds of thousands of people didn't get the help they needed - even from their insurance companies. They even mentioned the rescue workers that had made it all the way from Canada to help - which residents couldn't understand how Canadians could get through, but not their own military.
Photo from danakay.

Hey photon-head!

Great photography sites are hard to find. PhotonHead seems to me like one of those finds. It's got a beginner's guide to photography, a digital camera buying guide, etc. One of the neatest features on the site is the SimCam, a camera simulator that helps teach shutter and aperture settings, film speed and more.

Mantra for Canadian men

Darlene showed me this cartoon, then suggested that it should be a standard mantra for Canadian men in winter.

In case the image doesn't resolve well on your screen, he's whispering to her, "I can't wait to take you home and rip your down coat, fur hat, wool scarf, gloves, sweater, shirt, boots, jeans, socks, silk thermals, insulated bra and granny panties right off you."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another great gift

With so many gadgets made for use on the road, you could easily run out of dash or console space. So this Combination DVD player / GPS navigation unit, with a handy built-in FM transmitter is a great 3-in-1 device. This allows you to watch movies or navigate, while listening to the soundtrack or the voice directions over your car stereo system. From Hammacher Schlemmer.

More fun with t-shirts

What I think is really great for women is that men will actually wear a t-shirt that says what's on their mind. This is like the perfect warning sign. If you saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said "beauty is just a light switch away", or "I [heart] strippers", there is little mystery as to his value system. This is a good thing. No more guessing.

For example, I would have no qualms about wearing a shirt with the slogan pictured here. It's very witty.

More office buzzwords

I think my boss should incent me to office from home. That way, I'll have more time for narcissurfing. It's bleeding edge to drive a project from the sofa. I can still ping everyone at work. Then, after a rough day of officing, I can get right to defragging in front of the TV. Best part, no more microwaiting 20 minutes behind all the other lunchpailers at work and eating al desko.

More about the latest buzzwords from business here.
Photo by c2k2e.


I was in the market for a new portable storage device. The kind of device I can use to carry my favourite applications with me when I go to clients' homes to troubleshoot their PCs. My 256MB memory stick just wasn't cutting it anymore and I was this close [holds fingers mere millimetres apart] to buying a 1GB or 2GB memory stick to replace it. That would have run me anywhere from $75 to $130. At Costco, I found an I/OMagic Gigabank. 8GB capacity for a measly $130. I couldn't tell from the packaging, but I suspected that it wasn't a memory-based device. I was correct. It's a teeny hard drive - and I do mean teeny! This thing is as small as a box of TicTacs. It even comes with a short USB extender cable, so you don't have to worry about it fitting into tight spots. Now if I could just find a way to wear this bling around my neck, I'll be set........

Folks......... if you've got a geek on your Xmas gift list this year, I would highly recommend this little baby.

"Waste no time....."

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know what machinima is. If you don't know, it's where people make short animated films using video game engines for the animation instead of drawing by hand or using traditional computer animation. The Sims 2 makes a great engine for such a task, because it incorporates so many modern objects and settings into its matrix.

Allow me to direct you to one of the funniest efforts in machinima that I have seen for a long time. Male Restroom Etiquette.

Disclaimer - this video is most certainly NOT safe for work...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pimp my Accord

This Honda is pimped out. We're talkin' Sheik Daddy....

Many more pictures here. The damned back doors swivel like helicopter rotor blades. The question still remains............. why? I'll tell you one thing - those back tires are gonna need to be rotated right quick........

People are just not ready for this....

The Germans are quite advanced in developing cars that can drive themselves. This video clip shows a demo of such a car. Its computer knows the cars exact limits, so it is capable of driving to extremes (with skill) that humans can't match - and scare the bejesus out of the driver errr passenger, as seen in the pic.

Via TechEBlog.

He got the beat!

OK, remember the 4 year old drummer I posted about a few days ago? This is even better. Of course Jacob is (was?) 7 at the time........

Am I getting too picky in my old age?

My acting teacher told us that we should wear loose, comfortable clothing to class from now on. So I figured track pants would be prudent. I do not own a pair of track pants anymore, due to a wardrobe malfunction - so it was off to track pants shopping. You'd think buying a pair of track pants would be an easy task. I was not prepared at all. First off, the heavy cotton style pants with the elasticized hem(?) look as hobo-ish as ever. I was trying to avoid that style like the plague. But the only other style that seemed to be available were the polyester "pimp daddy" shiny style with the legs 6" too long and the bell bottoms big enough to fit over army arctic mukluks. They looked awful. Plus I swore I would never wear polyester pants as long as I still had my wits about me - even in active wear. The final straw is that the polyester material generated enough static electricity to recharge my cell phone.

I finally found a pair of cotton blend pants at Old Navy for a steal. Now I just have to get Darlene to hem them and taper the hem (again - is it hem?) so I don't look like I'm Snoop Dogg's long lost 'cracka' cousin. YO!

Every title I could think of was in bad taste.....

An artist named Sharon Baker (note the pun), has made an exact replica of herself out of dough, which she then baked. Sharon needs to see a dermatologist............ fast!

Aesthetically pleasing

A colleague of mine is in the market for a new car and I had heard through the grapevine that he was considering the car I drive (Acura TSX). So we got together and talked about the car and it sounds like he's close to making a decision. What I found odd (I mean that in a nice way) was that he was a little put off by the interior colour (black). He was actually considering getting a black exterior (which he didn't want) just to get the one colour combination that offered other than a black interior. In this case, it was a creme interior (Acura calls it Parchment). That was the one interior colour I knew we would NOT be getting. Isn't it neat the things that car owners are picky about with their cars?

Were there any peculiarities about the car(s) you bought that had to be just so? Or is there anything about your current car that you can't stand (aesthetically)?
Pic from a photo by Zach's Dame

I've already been asked for my autograph....

So, I made a quick reference to this already, but I've enrolled in an introductory acting class for adults. It's something I've wanted to try for a long time. This week was the first class. Most of the night was occupied with introductions and ice breaking activities, like learning each others names. It's amazing how quickly you can learn the names of 19 new people when you use a good technique. Our first fun exercise was when we partnered up and each had to tell a 3 minute story from our day to the other. The goal was that the listener had to pay close attention to the story, so they could recount it in minute detail back to the teller, as if it had happened to them. It was a fascinating exercise. We closed out the evening by miming gifts to each other, which the group had to figure out what the gifts were.

I'm really looking forward to the next class.

Pic from a photo by Ende

Friday, September 22, 2006

Age is so subjective

I am always fascinated by how perception affects our reality. For example, my sister Heidi was born 9 years after me. By the way - Happy Birthday sis (her birthday is this Sunday)!

What blows me away is that I'm 45 and she's now turning 36(?). I think my brother Bob will be 35 in January. By my current perception, they're only just trailing me in age by a tiny bit. But at one time, I was 13 and she would have only been 4, while Bob would have only been 2 - a huge gap at the time. When I was 25, they were 16 and 14 respectively.

That's so.................. bizarre. Heidi.... Bob..... I'll always have fond memories of going out of my way to entertain you both.

NO...... that is not permission to tell the world "what" I used to do to entertain you.........

Always change the default password....

Someone in Virginia took advantage of a default password. In this case, they used the default password to enter the diagnostic mode of an ATM cash machine. The default password is listed in the machine's manual (which is not hard to obtain). The individual then reprogrammed the ATM to think it was dispensing $5 bills instead of $20 bills. So in essence, it gave you 4 times the money you asked for. The machine was compromised for nine days before someone mentioned it to the store where the machine was located.

There's a lesson to be learned here. I'm gonna get me some ATM manuals!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Then there was a strange “End-User License Agreement”

For people who've always used Windows as their operating system, they really wouldn't understand why Linux users are so critical of the Microsoft product. Matthias Endler tries to help in that regard by telling the story of a life-long Linux user making the switch to that cool operating system called Windows XP.

You're kidding, right?

The webhost in Edmonton that hosted the VampireFreaks web site gave that site their eviction notice. This site was linked to the shooter from Montreal that killed Shannon Montgomery.

I wonder if the webhosts that host any sites that sell the kind of weapon used in the shooting will be booted. I bet you it's not going to happen. Because guns don't kill people........ goths kill people........... For their blood. I'm kidding................ You don't really believe that, do you?

Do the people of SD really support this?

This just boggles my mind. In South Dakota, their Senator feels that the only women who should be allowed to get an abortion would have had to be raped, savaged, brutalized, have been a virgin, be religious, and more in order to be exempt from the State's law outlawing the procedure. He also said when he was growing up, it was proper for a women who got pregnant out of wedlock to marry the father, with the whole neighbourhood involved (carrying shotguns - no doubt). He believes it can't be hard to return to those values.

Don't take my word for it. Watch the video.

Video search tip

Don't search for video clips at each of your favourite sites................ search at ScoopVid, which searches many at once.

Who you callin' stuck up.......?

While trailing Darlene through a local drug store's hair product aisle, I tried to take in the sheer endless variety of greases, gunks, goops and gels that are available. One line of product stood out. Not just because of its colour scheme, but the name. The brand is Stiff @#!%. So my first obvious question is - what does the @#!% stand for? Is it a generic curse? Is it the four letter word beginning with "F"? Or is it something else?

Then I continued to read the labels and noticed that each specific product type had its own subtitle. Names such as Grip It; Stuck Up; Grab; Phat Head; Whacked Out; etc. OK............ I guess the marketing people at Stiff @#!% didn't get any points for subtlety.

Moving a VM from Player to Workstation

This post is just a shout out to anyone using the Windows version of VMWare to create virtual machines hosting Ubuntu.

I started out using VMWare Workstation to create a VM hosting Ubuntu Linux. Once I got it working, I decided to cheap out, uninstall VMWare Workstation and install VMWare Player instead. It worked like a charm. The VM played in Player with no hiccups, but I had to deal with that annoying bar across the top of the screen - which, when you're trying to demo Ubuntu, can be a real pain. Plus, after a while, I decided I wanted to open the VM in Workstation (or Server) again to make some changes and make use of the snapshots feature.

So I uninstalled Player, reinstalled Workstation and ran the VM. Problem - the internet connection was lost. Being pretty new to VMWare, I didn't know what virtual network settings could cause my symptoms, but I suspected that moving from Player back to Workstation screwed things up. I was right, but I didn't know why. I read a bunch of forum entries online and all my settings looked good. I tried to break the NAT virtual settings (I need NAT to fool the network I'll be connecting to that I'm a Windows box), hoping that breaking it would force VMWare to repair itself. Nope. So I put everything back the way I found it (which fixed nothing) and was about to give up.

Running out of things to try, I deactivated, then reactivated my eth0 network interface in Ubuntu. Bingo! Internet connection returned. But I had no idea why. Was this a one time thing? Did I inadvertently break and repair my NAT virtual network device? Nope.

When you reinstall VMWare Workstation, the software randomly picks a new virtual IP network address range. So for example, when I originally created the VM, the software picked as the IP for the Ubuntu VM (using NAT). Which always worked fine. But when I reinstalled VMWare, the software picked a new random address range, and gave the VM let's say The VM however, is still trying to use the original address because as far as it's concerned, the lease hasn't expired. Which is why deactivating then reactivating the Ubuntu network interface fixed the problem. I essentially forced Ubuntu to forget the current lease and get a new one, which it did - which makes everything work just fine.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Suck it up.........

Some Newfoundlanders seem convinced that Canadian Idol is fixed, after Craig Sharpe lost to Eva Avila from Quebec.

I'm sorry if you feel that way, but the way I saw it, Eva is a better performer than Craig. As the judges said, she sang the song (that was written for the winner) as if she co-wrote it. I don't quite buy her "Oh my - you really like me?" act, but she is the best talent on the show (in the top 5). Did you hear her rendition of Alicia Keye's "How Come You Don't Call Me"? Come on! Sorry my Newfie friends, Craig just couldn't match Eva's range, nor her soul. In fact, a recurring thing where Craig was concerned kept getting mentioned by both the judges and guests on the show. It was his lack of (albeit perceived) emotional attachment to the songs he sang. I agree. It made a big difference.

Are the Newfoundlanders gone yet.....?


Without using the Internets, answer this music trivia classic:

What rock album was the first with printed lyrics?

Do you know who the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live was?

These and other firsts, at Blender.

P.S.: The picture is not a hint...... I just like the cover.

Chargers? We don't need no stinking chargers!

In the "that's so neat - there must be a catch" category, a "AA" battery that flips its top to reveal a USB connector............ to recharge the battery! Let's face it - if you've got technology around, you've got plenty of USB ports to plug these things into. USBCells have their own indicators to tell you when charging is complete. You can charge many at a time if you have a powered USB hub. You can even use a standard NiMH battery charger if you've got no USB ports around.

They're only available in the UK right now, but I have a feeling that will change real soon.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

High School Meme

Here's a new meme that was started by an alumni of the high school I went to (Lake of Two Mountains High School - LTMHS):

Student: Karl Plesz
Born: Ville de Saint Laurent (Montreal) 1961
Graduation year: 1978
Address: Calgary
Current homework assignment: Training Developer / Trainer in a high tech multinational corporation.
Would your teachers have predicted what you do now? I really don't think so. I was focused on everything but school back then.
Career regrets: Wish I had tried university or even college for that matter. I feel like I missed out on some unique experiences.
Smartest payoff: Joining the military in 1979.
Worst time in high school: Pretty much all of it. I was a scrawny, pimple-faced geek who had no chance whatsoever with the ladies.
Best time in high school: The bright spot was when the ne'er-do-wells sort of tolerated me thanks to my new friend - a big guy named Christopher. I really enjoyed hanging out at Mario's Pool Hall across the street.
How did the Mantle rate you? If I had a Mantle (our yearbook), I'd be able to tell you. I have no idea.
Favourite teacher: Tie: Mr. Patrick (English) and Mr. Gaspar (Math). Mr. Gaspar used to bring us bagels from downtown Montreal almost every week.
Future challenges: To continue to find work opportunities that challenge my brain and soothe my soul. I really want to go into business for myself. Someday...........

I be known as Mad Dog Rackham.....

Since today was "talk like a pirate day", I decided that it was appropriate to get myself a pirate name. According to, my official pirate name is Mad Dog Rackham.

Part crazy, part mangy, all rabid, you're the pirate all the others fear might just snap soon. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Feel free to let me know what name you were given in the comments. The site may be a little slow until the pirate hoopla has died down.....

Monday, September 18, 2006

HAARRRR me hearties! The 'our hath returned....

Just a quick reminder me beauty - tomorrow is international Talk Like a Pirate Day. Lessons here. Prepare to be boarded!

Johnny Depp and Keith Richards are already covered.

Pic by fullgl.

Recycle.... and help your dog.....

You know how dogs love drinking right from the toilet bowl? Well, now you can indulge their natural tendencies by getting them their own bowl that's shaped just like a toilet. Looks like the reservoir is just your standard 2 litre pop (soda) bottle too. Technology........... wow.