Sunday, October 28, 2007

We paid for this?

Enjoy this wonderful rant from a guy who positively hates the commercials that come on before the movie in the theatre. An excerpt:

- When you take my money for popcorn, at least I’m getting a tasty treat

- When you take my cash at the box office, I’m getting to come in to watch the movie

- When you take my time for commercials on TV, I’m getting a “free” TV show out of it

But what are we getting for our time with commercials in movie theaters? When the ad says “Movie starts at 7pm” and I’m in my seat (that I paid admission for) at 7pm, it’s time for you to start giving me what I paid you for… the movie. If you want to show me commercials, fine… give me the movie for free then.

More playtime

My 3rd improvisers class had us learning a few more fundamentals of improvisation. We learned examples of 'platform', 'gossip', and the 'tilt'. Among the exercises we tried were storyteller, where one person pretends they're writing a story on a typewriter (or computer - whatever). The other improvisers jump in and assume the characters that are being described by the storyteller. They get to try and move the scene forward as much as they can, but the storyteller has the power to steer things in any direction they please. So, you know - that was fun. We also got to play a game where improvisers pair up and one person gets behind the other and provides the front person's hands. That is always a hoot. But my favourite game of the class was 'scene 3 ways'. This is where two improvisers begin to create a story, then get stopped by the director about a minute in. Then the pair get directed to re-enact the scene again, word for word - but this time emoting a very specific mood or emotion. So for example, in my scene, my partner and I got to play 2 cops on duty who get lost in a strange neighbourhood and try to find a coffee shop. In creating it, we played it straight. Then we had to play it with hatred (as in 'I hate this!'), then with fear and finally with lust. That was beyond funny.

Unfortunately, I have to miss the 4th class because of a computer class I'm teaching. That just sucks - playtime is too fun. I still don't have any details regarding the performance we're putting on, but as soon as I know..........

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog bumper stickers...

Cheeky....... but true

It's cheeky, but it's a good example of the ignorance some computer / internet users have with regards to the technology they're using. Computers and the internet according to normal users. Some examples:
  • Computers get slower and slower with time; this is perfectly normal, and the only thing to do is to go to the store, and get them to format and reinstall everything.
  • Computers ask "Are you sure?", and similar questions, all the time, because they're made for idiots. Since you're an intelligent and educated person, you know that you can always simply click on "Yes", without reading. It certainly saves time.
  • Internet Explorer is more commonly known as "the Internet"; when you say "open the Internet", you mean opening IE. You have no idea what a "browser" is, or that there are alternatives to IE.
  • The more extra toolbars on "the Internet" (see above), the better and more useful it is, even if you end up with 8 different search boxes, and never actually use them.

Look Ma.......... No wires!

How do you connect to the internet these days? Via your cable TV company? The phone company? A new technology could change that soon. You've heard of wi-fi? Get ready for Wi-MAX.

You current internet connection is delivered to your home or business via wire. It may travel on fibre optic cable some of the journey, but the last kilometre or so is on a copper wire. Wi-MAX hopes to change all that by making it possible to connect you via radio signals from a tower in your neighbourhood. The best analogy I've read so far put it this way:

If Wi-Fi is analogous to a cordless phone, WiMAX provides services analogous to a cellphone.

I'm looking forward to seeing if this not only revolutionizes internet distribution, but TV as well.

Shaw Cable? I hope you're trembling.......

Designs don't have to be PC all the time....

Am I sick for wanting one of these for my desk at work?

Can be bought here.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How clever...

Check out the magnificent art used on some Japanese manhole covers.

Go Canada!

Sometimes you meet people who have had a brush with greatness - or at least potential greatness.

One of the things that has prevented us from making a viable go of space exploration is that we still haven't figured out a way to get into orbit without riding a huge can of explosive fuel. But one idea that started out as science fiction is emerging as an efficient alternative to rockets - the space elevator. The idea in a nutshell is that if you strung a very strong cable from a counterweight in orbit to the ground, you could run climber elevators up and down to deliver material and people into orbit. Until now, the technology to accomplish such a device was not yet invented, but carbon nano-tubes may change all that very soon.

In the meantime, NASA is motivating people to create the foundation concepts needed to make such a space elevator a reality with a number of contests. One of my colleagues at work was a member of the team from the University of Saskatchewan that (as of this writing) holds the lead in the latest climber competition.

I have always been excited about the idea of a space elevator someday getting stuff into orbit. I am hopeful that this would make it possible to not only create some decent destinations for humans in orbit, but also make it possible to finally head out there somewhere.....

This could easily fit in my cramped garage....

Yamaha showed off its prototype folding electric scooter "Bobby" at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.


My newest motivation poster

You like?

Take off eh!

My friend Bernie and I made a pilgrimage of sorts this week. As you probably know, we made a few episodes of The Great White North II last year (all 25 episodes available on both YouTube and [my preference]). So we went to see Ian and Dave Thomas in concert this past Tuesday at the Jack Singer. It was exactly as I expected it would be - not 5 star comedy, but an entertaining evening nonetheless.

Ian Thomas (for those of you born after 1970 and outside of Canada) is a pop songwriter / performer who had some hits in the 1970's. Pilot, Painted Ladies (the most known single), Liars, Time is the Keeper, Coming Home and others. Remember Hold On? Yeah, Santana did that, but Ian wrote and performed it first. How about Right Before Your Eyes? You may recognize it as a song by America. Ian's too. I've heard it said Ian Thomas is one of the dark secrets of the Canadian music scene in that he never really got his due. I agree. Anyway, he performed a few of his hits that night which was cool. But he was accompanied by his better known brother Dave (of SCTV fame - not Wendy's). The two told the story of their upbringing (in Canada and the US) via funny songs and stories, shared their thoughts on getting old, and improved via some old and new characters.

But of course, what I was hoping for was for Dave to reprise his most famous character - Doug McKenzie. He didn't disappoint. It was a show that had appeal to the Boomer crowd as was witnessed by the obvious lack of the younger generation. Their loss if you ask me. No, there were no frantic curse-ridden rants or wardrobe malfunctions, but they created a kind of wiser, smarter comedy that only a pair of gents who have been there, done that could muster. Brothers forever. The night had some spine tingling moments though. Bernie and I had been chatting outside before the show started and we covered some fairly specific, yet obscure topics. Much to our eyebrow raised amazement, the pair spoke to every one of those topics during the course of the performance.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If Canadian stereotypes were true....

....We would live in igloos; We would all wear toques (pronounced tukes); We'd use PeltPal instead of PayPal and our only store would be The Hudson's Bay Trading Post; We wouldn't need locks on our doors (not far from the truth actually - my mom constantly went out and left the front door unlocked - much to my amazement); We would all get around via canoe or dog sled - rich people would own ski-doos; We would have access to snow-covered ski hills all year round; We would be born knowing how to play hockey; All law enforcement officers would look like Mounties; We would all know Bill from Toronto; We would be able to drive from the Rockies to Niagara Falls in one day; Canadian Tire money would be legal tender everywhere; Electricity and running water would only be a dream to many people; We would all wear lumberjack shirts; To buy anything modern we have to travel to the US and bring our shopping back across the border on voyageur canoes across the Great Lakes....

Anyone want to add more stuff?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cross border inequities

A lot of people in Canada are now talking about the 'gouging' going on in the Canadian retail sector. We're calling it gouging due to the fact that our dollar is now worth more than the US dollar and yet we still pay on average 20% more for the same products as Americans. The most talked about examples of late have been printed material (with the blatantly obvious prices printed right on the cover), vehicles and electronics.

The retailers themselves have a bag full of reasons why prices are higher in Canada, from inventories of stock bought when the dollar was lower, to certain fees that they have to pay compared to US retailers.

I think I have a simpler explanation why - they charge what the market will bear. In Canada, we have far fewer choices of stores (both by brand and quantity), which limits our choices for competition. Plus, it seems we're willing to pay the prices, otherwise retailers would be suffering badly - which they are not. In the US, the economy is comparatively less robust and they have far more competition for the consumer dollar. So prices are naturally lower.

There is only one thing that will truly force prices down and that's more choices. Now that our dollar is worth as much as it is, we have the power to buy stuff from across the border. With the coming Holiday shopping season just around the corner, consumers will be looking to maximize their gift buying budgets and if that means buying from American retailers (made simpler now thanks to online shopping), then local retailers could be in for a little shock.

I would honestly like to know however, what all these supposed fees are that retailers claim drive our prices up. Could they be referring to customs and duties? Aren't we part of a free trade agreement? Have our governments purposely tied our collective hands and forced us to pay higher prices from local shops instead of searching out bargains south of the border? Stay tuned............

More software will run online

Here's a scoop. Companies are now seeing the benefit of developing future versions of their programs for use online. In other words, instead of installing a program on your computer, you would access a program through the internet. I'm already taking advantage of such a concept - using Picnik to edit photos. The first big software company to announce their intent to move to online software is Adobe, the makers of Acrobat and Photoshop, etc.

Monday, October 22, 2007

"There would have to be an arrangement..."

I hemmed and hawed about posting a link to this video. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt I'd be doing a disservice by not mentioning it. WARNING - Not Safe for Work - Parental Guidance Encouraged.

Here's the premise: Can't quite meet a seller's price when buying a home? Throw some sex into the deal.

[update] This clip contains very dark comedy that some readers could find offensive.

Sunny side up rug

Tell me this isn't the cutest throw rug you've ever seen.

You can't.....

"I made you a rugz, but I dippt toast in it...."

Sorry, a little LOLCats humour there...


Worth1000 is a brilliant showcase for people who love to 'photoshop' images. Submissions are usually on a theme, but here's 2 collections of the best of Worth1000.

Collection 1

Collection 2

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now this is what I call travelling in style

By now, you've probably heard about the new double-decker airliner, the Airbus A380. But have you seen inside? Gilles Vidal created some panaromic shots of the inside of the first A380, delivered to Singapore Airlines. You must see for yourself.

The bottom 3 shots on that page are the interior shots.

More time wasters.... ummmm comedy

I've mentioned this online strip before. But in case you've been lax in your online cartoon strip watching, lest me remind you of its existence. I'll even go one better, I'll give you the URL's to my 6 faves in the past while so you don't even have to read them all.

OK, that's not really why I did that. Read them all! Read them all!

Improv class #2

My second improv class was a riot. We played more games centred around the concept of maintaining stage awareness. They included the hat game, where 2 people wearing a hat take the stage and each try to get the hat off of the other person's head successfully. The idea is that if the game is played right, you get the other person so involved in the scene that you have no difficulty getting their hat. Then there's the game where improvisers are paired up and one is the puppet (who can't move by their own will, only speak on their own), while the other moves the puppet's body parts to advance the scene. It's as much a challenge for the puppet because you have to resist moving your body on your own and you still have to maintain the scene dialogue in conjunction with what your body is doing (under someone else's control). We also played speaking with one voice. This is where a pair of improvisors have to move and speak as one character at the same time. It's hard, but exhilarating. The key is to balance who is leading the dialogue, because each person usually has their own idea of what to say next.....

We were also informed that our class will be performing as a group after the 5 classes are completed. Date, time, place and fee to be announced.

Message to the Canadian Federal government

I've spoken before about how I felt the Canadian government wasn't doing enough to make fuel efficient cars, especially hybrid cars, affordable enough to make them a viable alternative. The fact is - they're not affordable at all. I've witnessed folks who were considering a new car with fuel economy in mind look at the hybrids and they came to the conclusion that they weren't worth the extra money. A friend of mine said something that I agree with - buying a hybrid in this country doesn't actually save you any money, it just sets you apart as someone who wants to do their part for the environment.

Let's look at a car that comes in both a regular and hybrid model - the Honda Civic. A regular Civic is priced starting at $16,990 whereas a hybrid model is $26,250. If you factor a life expectancy of 500,000km (not unheard of for a Honda), you'd be looking at a total gas savings of $12,250 based on a litre of gas costing $1.00 (which is the case now). At first, that sounds pretty good, but consider that the hybrid cost you $9260 more than the regular model, leaving $2,990 in savings. But now you need to factor in the cost of replacing the batteries, a cost that doesn't exist in a regular car. Figures vary, but I've heard costs in excess of $5,000 to replace the batteries, something that may need to be done every 150,000kms! So our 500,000km car just cost us another $15,000, leaving us $12,000 in the red. The federal government meanwhile, offers Canadians a rebate of $2,000 for buying this car (the most you can get under the ecoAuto program). So now we're only in the red $10,000. By the way, our ecoAuto program offers buyers of a Jeep Compass a $1000 rebate. This vehicle is an SUV (not a hybrid either) that gets worse gas mileage than my Acura TSX.....

Personally, I think this is ridiculous. I haven't met many people who were able to justify the extra cost of a hybrid vehicle, even with gas savings and rebate accounted for. Which is unfortunate, because they really wanted to buy one to do their part. So what is the point? Our government needs to offer consumers much more incentive to switch to these more efficient cars. $2000 is just a drop in the bucket. Darlene made a suggestion - everyone who owns a hybrid gets half off the cost of gas. That basically translates to the government giving their cut of gasoline taxes back to you. Whatever the solution, the carrot has to be bigger. Dealers are complaining that hybrids aren't selling. Is it any wonder?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's time again to play.....

Where is it? Yes, back by popular demand (and I do mean 'demand'), I challenge my wannabe and certified geo-hounds to name the city. Click the picture for a bigger view.

And good luck to all.

[update] It appears that my geohounds are somewhat stumped by my latest city. I'll give you a clue. The country it resides in is in the name of a song from the 80's.

What I want for Christmas

This is so awesome! Star Wars droid pepper mills! I could use the R2-D2 one as a salt mill and have a completely functional set.

If someone bought this for me, I'd be as happy as a Wookie in a brush factory.

It's not just for geeks anymore....

Not one to blow one particular OS horn as an alternative to Windows (I've been on a Mac rant lately), I thought I'd mention the release of the latest edition of Ubuntu (Linux) 7.10 or Gutsy Gibbon as it's known. This could be the easiest version to install yet. Although I have heard from the trenches that it still has a couple of potential hardware compatibility issues which may or may not affect too many people, if someone came to me and asked about an alternative to Windows, this would be my recommendation.

It's free. It's Linux. It has just about all the software you'll ever need and if it doesn't, there's a gigantic online repository of open source Linux software available, much of much is certified to run on Ubuntu trouble-free. At no cost. It comes with Firefox. It will dual boot with Windows if you'd like. If you just want to test drive it, the CD (which you can order for free or download and make yourself) is a Live CD. That means you can boot from it (bypassing Windows just for the current session) to take a look and nothing gets changed on your system until you decide to install it. Now it even copies your settings and files from Windows to try and make the conversion more painless. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but you might like it. You'll never know until you try.


How many of my loyal readers have spotted Christmas decorations in their stores yet?

[raises hand] I have! Wal-Mart. They started moving the stuff in last weekend.


I love it when movie producers reveal that a certain movie set background was just a matte painting and then show you the art work. It's fantastic how they use matte in films and as a result, I've always been a fan of that kind of work, considering that the subject is most likely to be something (or somewhere) that doesn't exist, but in someone's imagination. So imagine my joy at finding this collection of matte paintings.

You should go see. The landscapes portrayed are breathtaking.

It's all about perspective

Imagine a country where 99% of the people who live there have never taken an airline flight anywhere. Now imagine a business where you invite people to come and sit on a jet airliner to experience what it's like to be on one. Complete with food and beverage trays rolling up and down the aisle and getting served by people dressed as flight attendants. But you don't actually go anywhere.

And the people pay. I'm serious.

"This is your Captain speaking. Just so we're clear..... we're not going anywhere today. I'm not even going to start up the engines."

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'baby cakes'

Here's a site in the UK that does custom cakes. There are some fantastic designs in the portfolio, but I found this baby cake to be just a bit........ spooky.

Could you look at that cake and just cut into it? How about eat it?

Don't you love great art?

Check out these sculptures made from cardboard.

Simply amazing.

She comes in colours everywhere

Have you seen the new Sony Bravia commercial? In past ads, they've used various clever means of trying to show how wonderful their colour reproduction is. It's one of those oxymorons of the advertising world. A TV manufacturer wants to use your TV to show you how great their TVs are. But I digress.

The new Sony ad is cute and uses my new favourite Rolling Stones song (by pure coincidence) - She's a Rainbow - in it. Those coloured objects you see are made of clay folks. That's claymation on a grand scale hey?

It coulda been a contender.....

I just caught a spin-off show from the producers of American Idol - The Next Great American Band. I had high hopes that this show would be much more relevant than Idol. Based on what I saw on Friday night's show, my hopes were completely dashed.

I don't know what I was thinking, to be honest. I mean, Idol shows get by as much on the disasters and breakdowns as the actual talent and this show was no different. By the time the first hour was up, I was already tired of the schmaltz I had witnessed, which is too bad, because there were probably some good bands that never made it to air thanks to the show's producers. I secretly hope the show is brought to Canada, but only if they do away with the tired soap opera portion and just bring the noise.

Note: It is quite possible that the use of the word schmaltz wasn't the best choice in that sentence, but it's what popped into my head. So if you look it up and discover that the various definitions don't fit the context, sue me.

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Silence!....................... I kill you!"

Have you seen this video clip of the comedy routine 'Achmed the dead terrorist'?

Bloody hilarious.......... Politically correct it is not.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Focus your lobbying on me.....

I'm not crazy about the practise of lobbying the government. It exists in many democratic countries, but I feel the practise, while noble in principle, is easily corrupted by greed. You don't have to look very far to find many examples of governments making decisions based on the results of forceful (read: financially aggressive) lobbying.

I have a better idea. Lobbying should focus on the victim ummm population at large. This way, people could get access to not only the lobbyist's spin, but also hear opposing sides of proposals. Decisions could be made via plebiscite. It may not be the perfect answer. It may not even be the right alternative. But I certainly don't trust the average politician to make decisions in our best interest where lobbying has been involved.

Was our music better?

I was thinking today about the great music I grew up with in the mid to late 1970s. Damn we had some great music back in the day. What's funny is that the generation before us probably said the same thing. The difference is that our kids are listening to some of our music too.

I wondered if I could find something online charting the popular music of the day (pertaining to Canada). It didn't take long. This site lists Canadian music charts from May 1957 to June 1986. Scrolling through the years 1977 to 1979 sure brought back some memories for me.

Pictured is the world famous Canadian rock dynasty - Rush.

Non verbal communications

On my way driving home from work today, I was stopped at a traffic light and noticed the guy next to me flailing his arms and whatnot. At first glance, I thought he was animatedly flipping off the person in the vehicle in front of him, but soon realized that he was signing. Signing in a manner that the person in the vehicle in front would be able to look in their rear view mirror and understand. That's when I noticed that the person in the front vehicle was signing back.

How cool is that? I think knowing how to sign would open up whole new opportunities for communication with people in situations that would otherwise not allow for it.
  • At a concert - no matter how loud the band is, you could still ask your friend to pass the joint instead of bogarting it as per normal.
  • In school - you can flirt with the person next to you without passing notes or the obvious beeps of cell phone messaging alerts.
  • At a party - you can alert your friend across the room to the hot guy / girl heading their way.
  • Anywhere - you could curse people who deserve it without offending the ears of people nearby.
  • Sports venue - order those nachos with cheese and beer from the guy walking the aisles even when he's a few sections away.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"To improve other food they wrap it in bacon"

Jim Gaffigan loves bacon.

Don't we all............ don't we all......

Prepare to get your mind blown

According to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists, parallel universes exist. This is described by one expert as "one of the most important developments in the history of science".

This means that somewhere out there, there exists a rock star Karl, a spy hero Karl, Prime Minister Karl, chef Karl.......

Best US politics critique read on a blog this week...

But holy smokes, I am so sick of this dynasty crap. Bush? Then Clinton? Then Bush? Then Clinton? If Hillary wins she will likely be re-elected as well; when she leaves office, this nation will have been ruled exclusively by two families for 28 straight years--an entire generation! Thirty-year-olds will be unable to remember a time when either a Bush or Clinton was running the joint. And you know Jeb will be waiting in the wings. What's the point of having a democracy if we only use to to elect monarchs?

Found on defective yeti

For fans of Pez

Here's a site showing custom modified Pez dispensers. In some cases the modification is subtle, but many of them are a riot. Not necessarily politically correct either.

How has technology changed us?

Someone asked me if technology made our lives easier or just increased our dependency on it.

The way I see it, technology has made it possible to do certain things we wouldn't have been able to do without it. But then what happens is we become dependant on that technology because we take those new tasks for granted. Whenever I discuss this subject with my friends, I ask them to imagine what it would be like if a certain software, gadget or technology were absent from our lives. Then the discussion typically evolves to 'yeah, but we would just re-learn to do without that particular task, or the ease of doing it, or the frequency of being able to do it.

For example, although I have the capability to use email on many other things besides my computer (cell phone, PDA, etc.), I have resisted that advance, because I don't want to put myself in the position of being 'expected' to answer my email every waking minute of every day. I only use email on my computer, and I like it that way. My email contacts don't seem to mind and the expectation of having 18 hour email contact with me is absent.

On the other hand, I blog. Pretty much every day. It's like a monkey on my back. I feel like I should do it every time I get access to the internet. What did I do before blogging tools and internet? More of something else......

So while having access to all sorts of information has made me feel more 'plugged in', now I take all that access for granted. Which begs the question - am I better off with or without the information? Most would argue that more information is better. But is it?

Anyone want to weigh in?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Summer's last gasps?

Indian Summer is in Alberta right now. It won't be here much longer, but it's been glorious weather. Today it got up to 20 Celsius in the bright sunshine. The sun is noticeably lower in the sky and it's getting darker much earlier now.


Here's a cute picture to cheer you up on a Monday.

When in Rome...

One of the funniest ads I've seen lately. What would it be like if women acted like men and wore our underwear?

Awww, who am I kidding, like they don't already.....

Clever tee

Another clever tee design.

I can't take credit for this one.

Misleading food

Enjoy this list of misleading food names. Some of my faves:
  • Bear Claw
  • Baked Alaska
  • Beavertail (seen here)
  • Elephant Ear
  • Moose Milk

Sunday, October 14, 2007

TV show theme songs

Here's a site with a bunch of TV show theme songs. I listened to a few - talk about bringing back memories.... Mighty Mouse!

Every time I hear that song I'm reminded of that goofy skit Andy Kaufman did, lip-syncing to it on a record player. Good times........

Improv a go-go

Yesterday was my first beginner's improviser course at Loose Moose. Our instructor is awesome. He knows how to make us feel at ease and I felt better knowing he was in charge.

We were supposed to be a class of 12, but I think only 10 made it. 2 of my current junior Mooser friends were there - they've already done the course once and wanted another go 'round. So at least I knew someone. Improv is hard - I've alluded to that before. But AJ (our instructor) began to lay down some of the foundation by giving us the theory behind good improv. Some of what we learned yesterday:

  • You have to be in the moment - be aware of your surroundings and your fellow improvisers
  • Never think ahead - it's what screws you up every time. If you're planning a zig while everybody just zagged, you'll be scrambling to recover.
  • Just go with the flow.
  • The story should progress logically, even be familiar in form.
  • Failure is good. It's even funny. Perfection in improv is boring.
  • Be positive. Accept offers. Take the story in a positive direction before you add any antagonism.
  • But even the antagonist must act positive.
  • Avoid descriptors. The audience needs substance. Nouns and verbs always.
So we played a lot of games that reinforced those concepts and it was fun. My analytical mind is going to need a lot of re-training, but I'm in great company. I am blessed. More fun and games next Saturday. Can't wait.

Share your wi-fi and get free wi-fi

British Telecom (BT) in partnership with FON are introducing a new plan for their internet customers. It's a 'scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' scheme and it could make the UK the most widely served free wi-fi access country in the world.

The idea is if you are a BT internet customer, they'll give you a special wireless router that allows part of your bandwidth to be available to anyone within range of your router (usually somewhere up to 100-200 feet). When someone nearby who also gets their internet service through BT needs a connection, they clamp on to your router and get a small portion of your bandwidth. This is intended to make it possible for people who surf the internet on their PDAs and cell phones to have internet access in many more places.

If you agree to share a part of your connection as a BT wireless customer, you get free access to everyone else's share (that is a BT customer) plus free BT wi-fi hotspot access anywhere in the world.

This totally flies in the face of the concept that my internet connection is mine and mine alone. But the fact is, most peoples' wireless connections are being wasted on one household. The new BT system - which by the way is much faster than many North American internet connections - never gives 'guest connections' too much bandwidth. In other words, people won't be able to sit out side your house and download bittorrents at high speed - they'd be better off going home
and getting their full speed from their own connection, or from a (now free) wi-fi hotspot at their favourite cafe.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Custom taterheads

Custom Mr. Potato Heads made out of clay. Awesome!

This one is Mr. Bender Head.....

Make sure you also see The Incredible Spuderman.

Click on the previous spud or next spud links to see more.

Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?

I found a lamp that is the ultimate conversation piece.

Would it offend? Yep. But a great design nonetheless.

Attention trespassers... prepare to get wet!

Holy hot damn! This guy built a water hobo - a gun that sprays water on trespassers in his yard.

Article here, video here.

I need one of these to keep the dogs in my area from pooping on my lawn.......