Sunday, October 28, 2007

More playtime

My 3rd improvisers class had us learning a few more fundamentals of improvisation. We learned examples of 'platform', 'gossip', and the 'tilt'. Among the exercises we tried were storyteller, where one person pretends they're writing a story on a typewriter (or computer - whatever). The other improvisers jump in and assume the characters that are being described by the storyteller. They get to try and move the scene forward as much as they can, but the storyteller has the power to steer things in any direction they please. So, you know - that was fun. We also got to play a game where improvisers pair up and one person gets behind the other and provides the front person's hands. That is always a hoot. But my favourite game of the class was 'scene 3 ways'. This is where two improvisers begin to create a story, then get stopped by the director about a minute in. Then the pair get directed to re-enact the scene again, word for word - but this time emoting a very specific mood or emotion. So for example, in my scene, my partner and I got to play 2 cops on duty who get lost in a strange neighbourhood and try to find a coffee shop. In creating it, we played it straight. Then we had to play it with hatred (as in 'I hate this!'), then with fear and finally with lust. That was beyond funny.

Unfortunately, I have to miss the 4th class because of a computer class I'm teaching. That just sucks - playtime is too fun. I still don't have any details regarding the performance we're putting on, but as soon as I know..........

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