Thursday, October 18, 2007

Non verbal communications

On my way driving home from work today, I was stopped at a traffic light and noticed the guy next to me flailing his arms and whatnot. At first glance, I thought he was animatedly flipping off the person in the vehicle in front of him, but soon realized that he was signing. Signing in a manner that the person in the vehicle in front would be able to look in their rear view mirror and understand. That's when I noticed that the person in the front vehicle was signing back.

How cool is that? I think knowing how to sign would open up whole new opportunities for communication with people in situations that would otherwise not allow for it.
  • At a concert - no matter how loud the band is, you could still ask your friend to pass the joint instead of bogarting it as per normal.
  • In school - you can flirt with the person next to you without passing notes or the obvious beeps of cell phone messaging alerts.
  • At a party - you can alert your friend across the room to the hot guy / girl heading their way.
  • Anywhere - you could curse people who deserve it without offending the ears of people nearby.
  • Sports venue - order those nachos with cheese and beer from the guy walking the aisles even when he's a few sections away.

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