Monday, March 14, 2005

Which way to LA Jose?

Leave it to those wily Japanese to come up with the latest freaked-out fashion trend (as if cosplay wasn't enough).

Ganguro, is a fashion trend among Japanese girls. The basic look is bleached-blond hair perms and a deep tan. The intent is to produce the tanned, blond California beach girl look. It's the California beach girl look without the bikini. It goes against the grain of the usual Japanese standard of female beauty, which calls for skin as white as possible. The centerpiece of their street costume is 15-cm (6-inch) or higher platform shoes or sandals that makes them tower over the average Japanese. It lets them "look down" on the world or to have the world "look up" to them. They also have a loud, gregarious way of talking and laughing.

What's next? J-Lo wannabes with pads stuffed down their pants to mimic the 'baby got back' look?Posted by Hello

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