Monday, March 14, 2005

Hot diggity dog!

A friend on a forum I belong to started a thread on hot dogs. Well, as I was adding my two cents I realized it would make a good post on here. I loves me some hot dogs, that's for sure. But two very particular kinds:

The homemade variety have to be cooked on the BBQ until the skin is crispy but not quite burnt. The bun has to be fresh and not too big as to overpower the dog - I do not want to taste too much bun dude. All you need after that is a little yellow lovin' - that's right, some good ol' mustard. You can have your cheese, your relish, your pickle - but sometimes you just wanna leave all that stuff out and taste some doggy goodness.

The bought variety has to be from the 'Montreal Pool Hall' on Boulevard St. Laurent, just off Ste. Catherine's. Their 'steamy' is the standard by which all other 'Casse Croutes' are measured. I'm talkin' Hygrade brand dogs that have been simmering in the steamer for hours, loaded into buns that have just enough room left over for the fixins. Specifically - mustard, relish, chopped onion and cole slaw - that's what we call an 'All Dressed' in Montreal. Two of those with an order of home-cut fries, washed down with a glass bottle of Coca Cola and you can honestly say you've lived.

So what's your favourite hot dog? Posted by Hello

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