Sunday, February 20, 2005

A new barometer for predicting nice weather?

Ahhhh spring must be in the air. At least - that's the impression I get after seeing a homeless guy start to disrobe and change his clothes, seated at a downtown park bench. True, it was only around 0C outside, but the sun is getting higher in the sky and must feel warm on his skin. Soon the prostitutes will be back out in their halter tops and micro-minis.... Posted by Hello


LeeAnn said...

Around here, where the temps rarely drop below 50 degrees, we are treated to semi-nude homeless guys and morbidly obese hookerladies in tiny clothing year round. But when it rains, how is a working girl to ply her trade? Why, wearing a clear plastic bag (like you get at the dry cleaners) over her lovely acres of product.
I've seen it. I really have. Plastic clings, btw.
The scary part was, it was the same dry cleaner I go to. Yes, I go to the Pimp and Ho Cleaners. Oh my.

Jon said...

You stopped to photograph him?

Jeez Karl......honestly.

Karl Plesz said...

Laff! Uh, no - I did not photograph him. I stole I mean made use of some available picture in Google.

Jon said...

Umm..I wonder what search string brings up that picture...?

Karl Plesz said...

I can only say that I can do magic with a search engine. Did you know Google is 'The Oracle'?