Monday, February 21, 2005

Ashes to ashes...

Across our country, provinces or cities are enacting smoking bans in bars and restaurants - among other places. Now I understand why people might be upset - I used to smoke and I never quite understood what everyone's problem was during that time. Although, I never did feel right about smoking while people ate and avoiding doing so. But now that the smoking ban wave is sweeping across the land, smokers and bar owners are complaining loudly and some are outright saying "if you don't like the smoke - stay home".

What I don't think they understand is - we are! We are staying home in droves. And as more and more people choose not to smoke anymore, we are seeing bar patronage decline. I hope owners begin to realize that if smoking bans are put in place, non-smokers will begin to return to the bars and clubs, which would make them much more money than they do now. Alberta doesn't have such a ban and our bars and clubs have become unbearable to non-smokers. Ontario has a ban and while I was in Kingston last year, I wandered into a nice pub and what a relief! It was so nice to sit and have a beverage without choking or getting smoke embedded into my clothes.Posted by Hello

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