Monday, February 21, 2005

Cleanup in aisle 4....

Oh what a wonderful shopping experience it would be if the grocery store aisles were as wide as pictured above. Maybe it's me but the aisles are getting narrower and the ends of the aisles are getting clogged with cardboard floor displays so unstable that a mere wayward breath is enough to topple it, sending a ton of stuff spilling onto the floor and causing a scene.

It never fails - I'll be rounding a corner like the good defensive driver that I am and some spoiled priviledged kid on a cheap sugar rush from the candy they've stolen sampled from the bulk bins comes careening into me, forcing me to deke to one side - right into a cardboard floor display. Almost as bad is when some ignorant well-meaning shopper decides to park their cart in such a way that nobody can get past.

Speaking of grocery shopping - is it so wrong of me to want to carry my own bags of stuff? Posted by Hello

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