Saturday, February 19, 2005

Surfaholics anonymous

Look how far our relationship with the Internet has come. I remember when I connected to the Internet for the first time back in 1994 - it was just a curiosity for me. Now I'm addicted to the blasted thing, for news, weather, solutions to problems on anything, recipes (for Darlene - I swear!) and of course - blogging. But what do you do when your Internet connection goes down or you don't have access to the Net wherever you are?

If you're like me, your nerves get frazzled any time you hear a phone ringing and nobody's bothering to answer the damned thing. Well for me, it's the same thing with the Net. I've actually been on vacation and gotten a bad 'net surfing jones'. One time I saw one of those pay-as-you-go Net terminals at a hotel and I couldn't help myself but to cozy on up to it and check my friggin e-mail! The only thing that stops me from bringing my laptop with wireless networking along on all road trips is my bizarre fear of losing it (either physical theft or at customs). And I'm pretty sure that fear will someday be trumped by my unwillingness to be without by beloved Internet for more than a couple days in a row. I'm hooked! I'm a junkie! It's only going to get worse....

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