Saturday, April 14, 2018

Kickstarter strikes again (DJIN)

I'm always thrilled when I find a new product that I feel could make life easier on Kickstarter. Or just a cool gadget. Well, one of my most recent discoveries is a bit of both. It's the DJIN card holder by Koala Gear. Koala Gear made their name with a uniquely designed ergonomic backpack and decided to try their hand at a small, efficient card holder.

Here's why that appealed to me. My most recent wallet is nothing more than a glorified card holder. It has a lot of slots for credit, bank and club cards, but when fully loaded, it's thick. It's like sitting on a brick, and from all that butt-weight, starts causing some of the cards inside to bend. If you know anything about plastic cards, they don't like being forced to bend and the stress eventually makes them break. My workaround up until now was to occasionally turn the bent cards over in the wallet to try and bend them back straight. This works temporarily, but in time they bend the other way, which just weakens the plastic more. And it's ridiculous to have to even deal with such an issue.

Enter DJIN. It has a capacity of 10 cards, which you slide into a metal frame. It's perfectly sized to make it easy to slide the cards over top of each other to find and access the one you need. Before I pledged to help fund this product, I was skeptical that it would be easy to get a card out, but since taking delivery, I worried for nothing. The holder comes with an RFID blocking card, which you can slide over top of your other 9 cards to protect from unauthorized scanning. I didn't bother, as I need the space for all 10 cards. Extremely small, but capable magnets keep the holder closed. No worries of demagnetizing your cards inside.

There are other features that I haven't found a regular use for yet, but with the card holder open, there's room behind the card frame for a few coins or small keys, that just slide in and out with ease. Even cooler, is a small but clever hidden storage space under the card frame that can only be accessed by sliding the frame upward. This hidden space is big enough for an SD card and not much else.

I like the card holder, which I bought in the leather covering, because of just how small and purpose-built it is. I'm hesitant to keep it in my back pocket, but it's so small, it fits in my front pocket. When they arrive in stores, I may buy another for my ID cards and such. They're small enough that I could easily fit 2 in one pocket.

You can buy one too!

[Update] I'm now an official booster to this project, because I believe in it that much. If you want to buy the DJIN wallet, make sure you click the link above. Thank you.

I like the wallet so much, I bought a second one for all my ID cards, medical cards, etc. I got the second one in the microfiber finish so that I could tell which one was which.

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