Friday, January 26, 2018

Things I learned lately 26 Jan

  • In Japan they have gourmet KitKat chocolate bar shops.
  • 82% of new wealth generated on 2017 went to the top 1%. Meanwhile, the poorest 50% of the world saw no increase in their wealth.
  • A company called Heatworks is introducing a counter-top dishwasher, Tetra, that uses graphite electrodes to heat water by exciting the minerals in the water.
  • Artists who have never won a Grammy include Snoop Dogg; Diana Ross; Queen; The Beach Boys; Janis Joplin; Jimi Hendrix; Patsy Cline; The Who; Bjork; Buddy Holly; Rush; The Kinks.
  • Swan Song records was Led Zeppelin's private label. Bad Company were the first band other than Led Zeppelin, signed to it.
  • Led Zeppelin were the first band to insist on a better deal for revenue from concerts, insisting on 90% when the norm had been 60% or less.

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