Friday, January 19, 2018

Small things 19 Jan

  • A lifeguard at the pool at the Olympics. Why?
  • Gravity is the result of masses interacting with each other. You can witness its effects while driving. If you are driving behind someone and you get close enough to them, the force of gravity will overcome their ability to do the speed limit anymore.....
  • You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether it sees you later, or in a while.
  • You know how you prepare an answer for what you expect will be the next question and it backfires? Like when you're at the cashier expecting to be asked if you want the receipt or not. And the cashier says, "Have a nice weekend." And you say, "No thanks."
  • Remember when your biggest problem of the day was trying to get the ball out from under the car?
  • If a stormtrooper encounters a red shirted crew member of the Enterprise, does the fact that the stormtrooper couldn't hit the broad side of a barn prevent the red shirt from dying? Also, are you mad that I put a Star Wars character in a Star Trek question?
  • It would be fun to host a party where fake alcohol was served and we see if anyone 'acts' drunk.

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