Friday, November 10, 2017

Things I learned lately 10 Nov

  • In France, local birth certificate registrars must inform their local court if they feel a baby name goes against the child's best interests. The court can then ban the name if it agrees, and will if it feels the name could lead to a lifetime of mockery.
  • The Swiss civil registrar must approve all baby names. In general, if the name is deemed to harm the child's well-being or be offensive to a third party, it will not be approved. Other rules include no giving a boy a girl's name or a girl a boy's name, no biblical villains, no brand names, place names, and no last names as first names.
  • In Iceland, baby names must align with the linguistic structure and conventional spelling system of Iceland.
  • Denmark has a list of about 7,000 approved baby names. If your choice isn't one of them, you have to seek permission and have your name choice reviewed at Copenhagen University's Names Investigation Department and at the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs.
  • Las Vegas deployed an autonomous electric bus on the strip. It got in an accident the first hour when a delivery truck backed into it while it was stopped.
  • The world's largest legal marijuana producer, Canopy Growth, operates out of a once-abandoned Hershey's factory in Smith's Falls, Ontario, Canada.
  • Starbucks is going to introduce places that mainly feature food soon.

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