Friday, August 11, 2017

The new Tesla Model 3 - good or meh?

Tesla revealed the new Model 3 all-electric car to the world at the end of July. This car was touted to be the electric car for the masses, priced at US$35,000. This would make it more attractive to non-luxury car buyers.

But there are, as always, two sides to a story, and the same goes for this new wonder car.


First off, US$35,000 only gets you the basic black model. It also only gets the smallest battery (and consequently a lower range), slower top speed and acceleration, and no auto pilot. There are no power seats, and no powered or heated mirrors. If you want a fully loaded Model 3, you're looking at closer to US$57,000. Not so much in the range of the average consumer.

Adding more range, from 220 miles to 310 (or 354 km to 500 km) costs $9000. Adding enhanced autopilot adds $5000, full self-driving adds another $3000. The Premium package adds $5000.

The US federal tax credits won't be available once Tesla delivers 200,000 Model 3 cars.

It's not a hatchback.


The long range Model 3 has the cheapest price per mile of range of any production electric car.

You get access to the ever growing Supercharger network, which is doubling in during 2017.

The long range Model 3 can recharge at 170 miles (273 km) per 30 minutes of supercharger time.

The long range model is pretty quick - zero to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. Top speed of 140 mph.

15" touchscreen display for all functions.

An incredibly large panoramic glass roof.

This car, with the self-driving option, will eventually have the software upgrade to drive itself with no human intervention. With this option, your car could be in downtown Vancouver, and you could summon it to White Rock to come and get you.

So, could you buy a cheaper all-electric car? Yes. Will it go as far as a Tesla? Maybe. Will it have as many recharging options? No. Will it drive itself someday. No. Will it be as cool or as ground-breaking? Nope. So your options are clear, pay for the future or settle for the present.

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