Friday, August 11, 2017

Small things - 11 Aug

"Anybody here named "Jeff?"
Jeff: "Yes."
Geoff: "Yeos."

  • I would like the press to provide news representative of the bad AND good in the world. If you read every article in a paper, or online news site, count how many stories are reports of bad things or negativity or criticisms of things or people. Is this all that the world is made of? Are there no positive, uplifting stories to tell? I know we have sites like Upworthy, but good news should be part of all major media output.
  • Thank goodness there was no Facebook when I was younger and decided to try dying my hair with henna.
  • When everyone has a 3D printer, we'll all lament how at one time, we had printers that, when you supplied them with paper, just produced sheets of paper with ink on them....
  • I wonder how driving statistics would change if horns were removed from all vehicles. Are we still using them for what they were designed for? Or are they now just an electronic yelling or bird flipping device?
  • Just remember you younguns, who poke fun at older folks who can't use technology.... one day you'll be old and there'll be a new thing you can't master either.
  • Your birthday. The only day in your life when your mother smiled when you cried.

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