Saturday, May 30, 2015

So long Garmin

Up until this year, I had always brought my Garmin GPS navigation device with me to San Diego (and everywhere else for that matter) to help me get around.

Now that I have a more than decent US package through Roam Mobility, that gives me 400MB of 4G data, per day, all up front (2GB total over the 5 day plan), I don't need it anymore.

With that much data available, there's no reason not to use Google Maps. Especially on an iPhone 6 Plus. In San Diego, it was amazing. Not only did it do a great job helping us find our way around, I had up-to-the-minute traffic data and the directions even made it clear what lanes to use to get from one highway to another.

In case you're wondering, $4 per day. That also gets you unlimited texting, unlimited long distance in the US and Canada. Canadian carriers just can't compete. Which is weird, because Roam Mobility is a Canadian company.

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