Saturday, May 30, 2015

I can dream, OK?

If you had asked me 5 years ago which Hollywood celebrity I'd choose to hangout with for a weekend, I might have said John Travolta. But in the last couple of years he's really weirded me out, so I have to now change my answer.

It would have to be someone who you know in your heart is most definitely down to earth. If they are a licensed pilot, that would be cool. Maybe we'd go flying a little. It would have to be someone who has appeared in one or more of my top 10 favourite movies. Check, check and check. The celebrity I'd enjoy hanging out with for a weekend would be Harrison Ford. Star of my all-time favourite movie - Blade Runner. And he's Hans freaking Solo for crying out loud! And Indy! I wouldn't have far to go, as he apparently has a ranch in Wyoming.

"Hey Harrison! Should I just park my car over here by the helicopter?"

"Hi Calista. Sorry dear, but Harrison and I are going to hang out for a bit. You'll get him back when the weekend is over. Maybe at dinner too."

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