Saturday, April 18, 2015

Things I learned lately - 18 Apr

  • The CEO of a credit payment processing company increased the minimum wage of every employee in his company from $48k to $70k per year. He then decided that this should be his salary too.
  • College students in a small Dutch town get to live in a nursing home for free as long as they spend 30 hours per month with the elderly. The ratio is 6:160. 
  • Every animal with a spine has a liver.
  • The UK just discovered 50-100 billion barrels of oil underground near Gatwick airport. They may only be able to get at 5-15% of it though.
  • The base Tesla model S electric car just dropped in price to $75,000 before tax credits, but adds a whole lot of features, like all-wheel drive. It has a range of 240 miles (386km). This car started out as a $110,000 car.
  • Bottled water is still being drawn from California, which is in the middle of one of its worst mega-droughts.
  • The most expensive hotel room in the world is in Geneva. It's the Royal Penthouse suite at the Hotel President Wilson and it goes for $67,000 per night.
  • Bill Gates has donated $28 billion of his own money so far.
  • 22 million chickens are eaten in the US every day.
  • A 2.5GB disk drive in 1980 was the size of a fridge and cost $40,000.
  • Early Christians were called Atheists by the Romans as they didn't pay tribute to Pagan gods.
  • At one time, movie trailers played after the feature film, ergo the name.
  • In the Arabic version of The Simpsons, Homer is named Omar Al-Shamshoon.

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