Saturday, April 11, 2015

No media for 24 hours

Your assignment:  Find a 24-hour period during which you can pledge to give up all media: no Internet, no newspapers or magazines, no TV, no mobile phones, no iPod, no music, no movies, no Facebook, no PlayStation, no video games, etc.

Could you do it?

Here are some actual responses from (young) people who tried it:

“I began going crazy.”
“I felt paralyzed, almost handicapped in my ability to live.”
“I felt dead.”
“Emptiness overwhelms me.”
“Unplugging . . . felt like turning off a life-support system.”
“I sat in my bed and stared blankly. I had nothing to do.”
“The feeling of nothing passed into my heart . . . I felt like I had lost something important.”
“I felt like there was a problem with me.”
“I counted down minute by minute and made sure I did not exceed even a single second more!”
“I felt so lonely.”
“I went into absolute panic mode.”
“It felt as though I was being tortured.”
“I was edgy and irritated.”
“I felt a strange anxiety.”

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