Saturday, January 24, 2015

Things I learned lately - 24 Jan

  • Alberta has more working poor than any other province.
  • Cheese Whiz has no cheese in it. It used to, but not anymore.
  • Eclipse, a dog in Seattle, has figured out how to take the bus to get to her favourite park, all by herself.
  • Of the almost $183 billion Apple made in revenue in 2014, 72% was from iPhone and iPad sales.
  • The first album by a Canadian artist to sell a million copies in Canada was Bryan Adam's 'Reckless'.
  • The 1991 Bryan Adams album 'Waking up the Neighbours' didn't qualify for priority airplay in Canada because according to CRTC Canadian content rules, it wasn't Canadian enough. This was due to it being produced by a Brit (Mutt Lange) and having been recorded outside of Canada. Bryan fought the CRTC on this and won, forcing them to broaden their criteria.
  • Dogs, unlike wolves, establish eye contact with people.
  • There are people whose job it is to taste test dog food. The wet kind that comes out of a can.
  • The expression, "As American as apple pie" developed in 1902. An English writer had criticized Americans for eating too much apple pie. They should limit themselves to only two times a week. An unnamed New York Times editor responded: "[Eating pie twice per week] is utterly insufficient, as anyone who knows the secret of our strength as a nation and the foundation of our industrial supremacy must admit. Pie is the American synonym of prosperity, and its varying contents the calendar of changing seasons. Pie is the food of the heroic. No pie-eating people can be permanently vanquished."
  • Coronation Street, the TV program, has been on the air since 1960.
  • The last frigate in the US Navy is about to sail its last patrol, ever.
  • The code A113 is implanted in every Pixar movie.
  • There are more bicycles in Copenhagen than people.

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