Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I'm a bit bemused by the way that modern washers and dryers are sold.

Front load washers and dryers are made in a manner that makes it less than convenient to load clothes into them due to how low the door is to the floor. Of course, the manufacturers offer a pedestal that you can put your washer and dryer onto to make it easier to load and unload. But you have to pay extra for those pedestals. $250 extra. Per pedestal.

So I think about that for a few moments and it occurs to me that in effect, front load washer and dryer manufacturers are asking us to pay for a workaround accessory to compensate for their bad design. I find it funny that they manage to get away with this flaw and the workaround we have to pay for.

Imagine if when you bought a television, you also had to buy a TV stand to raise the television to a useful height. OK, never mind - bad example.

Imagine if when you bought a personal vehicle, you also had to buy a stool so you could load and unload the hatch or trunk. We would never put up with that, right?

At least the mattress industry cuts us some slack. When they sell you a mattress, they'll typically throw in the box spring for free.

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