Saturday, September 20, 2014

Things I learned lately - 20 Sep

  • Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada gets 25% of its electricity from its own solar photovoltaic array on the base.
  • Crave cupcakes sends their leftovers to the blood bank to give to blood donors.
  • California plans to generate 33% of its electricity from renewables by 2020.
  • In Denmark, McDonald's workers over 18 years old earn more than $20 an hour. They are also unionized. They also get paid sick time. They also get overtime pay. Yet the price of a Big Mac is only $0.35 more than it is in the United States.
  • Burger King restaurants in Japan plan to offer 'Kuro' (black) burgers for a limited time. They will feature a black bun, a black cheese slice and black sauce.
  • In n Out Burger is coming to Toronto.
  • Bill Murray thinks making Ghostbusters 3 with an all female cast is "a grand idea" and named Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini and Emma Stone as suggestions.
  • If you use an out-of-date web browser, there's a good chance Google is serving you an out-of-date version of its search tool.
  • Melbourne Australia has the world's largest tram network.
  • MSN Messenger once had 330 million users. It will officially close 31 October 2014.
  • Male calico cats are rare.

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