Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More inane nostalgia from my youth

As I was sitting alone in Phil's restaurant Saturday morning, getting a good breakfast into me before going off to teach for the day, I was reminded of my first solo breakfast out when I was 17.

I had finished high school and decided to go into the workforce, not relishing the idea of continuing my education at the time. I landed a job as a 'box boy' at Millbank Industries, which was a record distribution centre for every music label, serving Discus stores (remember them?) and the music departments of most major department stores like Eaton's, Simpsons, etc. (remember them?)

It was quite the commute to get to work from Deux Montagnes. It involved a commuter train ride and 2 buses. I was never ready for breakfast as soon as I got up, so I preferred to eat closer to work. The guys at work told me that there was a decent restaurant across the street on Montee de Liesse at the bowling alley.

I started going there for breakfast every day. This was a novelty for me because I had never gone solo to a sit-down restaurant before. The server didn't speak much English, so I also had to put my French into use and did surprisingly well. I can still smell and taste those runny yolks that I would mop up with my toast and the amazing coffee they served.

It felt good to get out into the world. First job. First time on my own. Living the good life.

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Anonymous said...

Artistic Phil's, huh? We were just talking about how good that breakfast was, the other day. Heidi