Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wifi peeve

One of the things I find very annoying when using my smartphone is that when I go to use an app that connects to the internet, if I happen to be in a location where wifi is available, the app often freezes and refuses to connect to the internet. This is because when you try to access the internet using certain wifi hotspots, they annoy you for an acknowledgement of their terms of service, even if the hotspot is free. Until you click 'yes' or 'OK' or whatever (in a browser), you're stuck in no-internet limbo. The problem is that you can never see this screen that's waiting for your acknowledgement if you're just using a phone app. You would only see the screen if you were using the web browser.

I'm hoping that wifi hotspots stop doing this soon. I mean, do we really need to agree to terms that are pretty much standard for any hotspot? If the answer is yes, do we have to do this over and over again? In the meantime, a truly smart phone should have the ability to detect when an app is trying to access the internet via wifi but not succeeding because it is being blocked by the terms of service screen and either agree on your behalf, or if that's not legally permissible, bypass wifi and go straight to 3G or 4G or LTE access to the internet so you can use your apps without interruption.


Geo said...

The latest version of ICS prompts you if there is a "login" for a wifi hotspot, and you can click the notification to jump to it.

Karl Plesz said...

ICS? As in Windows?