Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things I learned lately 16 Mar

  • Some newspapers want their countries to pass a law that would mean anyone who links to their articles would have to pay. They just don't want to stay viable much longer, do they?
  • Hilda Clark was the first musician to endorse Coca Cola.
  • Coke's slogan "It's the real thing" debuted in 1969. Meanwhile, Pepsi's slogan in 1969 was "You've got a lot to live, Pepsi's got a lot to give."
  • Stuff Coca Cola owns: Barq's; vitaminwater; Sprite; Tab; Powerade; Rockstar Energy Drink; Simply Orange; smartwater; Nestea; odwalla; Minute Maid; Pibb; mello yello; Fruitopia; Hi-C; Fresca; Dasani; CapriSun; Bimbo.
  • Stuff Pepsi owns: Tropicana; Sun Chips; Sobe; Tostitos; Sierra Mist; Ruffles; Mountain Dew; Rold Gold; Quaker; Lay's; Gatorade; Lipton; Rice-a-Roni; Cracker Jack; Doritos; Life (cereal); Aunt Jemima; Cap'n Crunch; Fritos; 7Up; Naked Juice; Aquafina.
  • Coca Cola has 34.8 million Facebook fans.
  • One in ten Icelanders will write and publish a book in their lifetime.
  • The colour that stands out for dogs is blue. Everything else looks the same colour.
  • The RMS Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship is to be transformed into a floating hotel by its owners in Dubai.
  • Apple has a profit margin of 26%. That's pretty high.
  • Facebook might start using hashtags (#makefacebookworse)
  • JCPenny is going to start selling Joe Fresh. Yes, the stuff they sell in Superstores in Canada.

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