Monday, December 17, 2012

Multiple same birthdays at work

Here is a chart that shows the likelihood of there being two people at work with the same birthday (day and month), depending on the number of total people.

As you can see, statistically, once the workplace reaches 40 people, the chances have risen to 90%.


Anonymous said...

In what universe do those stats work out this is the most insane graph I have ever seen. no wonder you vote Liberal. As the saying goes

There are liars, damn liars and statisticians.

at 52 employees you would have a 100% change of a match of a birthday in the same week but not the same day

Karl Plesz said...

In this universe:

And this one:

There are other places that offer similar results. At 52 employees, the chances of the same birthday are 'statistically' 97.36%. On the same day.

No wonder I vote Liberal? Nice insult for good measure. And a happy holiday to you, anonymous.