Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Base Camp slippers

Darlene suggested that for my overall health and considering that I spend much of my time at home in our basement, which has cold floors, that I get serious about wearing slippers to keep my feet warm and the blood circulating.

I said, "Yeah, sure. But I don't want any of those plaid, old man slippers, I want something neat and comfy."

So Darlene found a slipper made by Baffin called Base Camp Unisex and ordered a pair for both of us. She had already ordered a pair just for herself and had to return them because they were a size too small. The commenters on the site say not to go by the size guide and they aren't kidding.

When I saw the slippers, I said "Hey! I want a set of those!" So now I have them as you can see. They are cozy warm. They kinda remind me of the mukluk inserts I wore in the military to keep warm on long winter exercises.

Darlene's two cents:

I usually wear a size 9.5- 10 shoe and I took the XL Base Camp Unisex
You usually wear a size 11.5 - 10 and you got the size XXXL Base Camp Unisex

Both pairs including shipping came to $99.

1 pair plus shipping comes to approximately $50. Ships from Ontario via Purolator. Read all reviews before buying your size.

There are no retailers in Calgary that sell these particular Baffin styles.

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