Saturday, September 08, 2012

Things I learned this week 9 Sep

  • Kansas City is about to get internet 100 times faster than what you have (assuming you live in North America). From Google Fiber. With TV service available.
  • Germany is the largest producer of solar power, its installed capacity representing more than 1/3 of the world's total.
  • Apple has sold over 410,000,000 iOS devices to date.
  • The record labels that successfully sued The Pirate Bay for millions for infringing upon artists' copyrights have announced that they will not share any of the money it received with those artists. Quelle surprise...
  • This November, voters in 3 US states: Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, will be able to vote to legalize marijuana. Not just for medicinal purposes, but recreational too.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road is currently filming. With Mel.
  • Keith Moon played brush drums on the Beatles' All You Need is Love.
  • Russian mogul Dmitri Itskov plans to create cybernetic immortality by 2045.
  • Part of why chemo is brutal is that it targets all fast-growing cells — the ones that want to kill you and ones that keep you alive. Cancer researchers have not been able to track errant cells forming tumours. Now three groups studying tumours in mice have done exactly that.
  • The wealthiest zip code in America is southern Manhattan (10274), where the average income is $5.71 million. Per year. Per person.
  • As much as 4% of the sand on the beaches of Normandy consists of shrapnel left over from D-Day.
  • California becomes the 2nd state to legally allow autonomous vehicles (like Google's self-driving car) by 2014. Hawaii, Florida, Arizona and Oklahoma are all also considering similar legislation.
  • Volcanologists think the pressure within Mount Fuji has now surpassed levels right before its 1707 eruption. The reading is 16 times the pressure needed for an eruption to occur and experts believe a massive eruption is likely to occur within 3 years.

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