Saturday, September 08, 2012

If I ever go postal - it will be against a record exec

Yet another example of copyright abuse by the industry who simultaneously insists on strict copyright while giving it (and you) the finger by ignoring its rules.

I am fed up with YouTube. Several times I have provided evidence that my video "O Little Town of Bethlehem" is a Public Domain song and each time I get an email saying the song is owned by either Warner Chappell or UMPG or Sony. Now they have disabled my being able to earn any money for the number of times the video is viewed. We are only talking about pennies but no one "owns" a Public Domain song.

They now have threatened to totally disable my account from monetizing any of my videos because of multiple "false" claims of ownership. Since there is no way to speak to a human being directly, there will never be a way to convince them of the error of their ways....Fed up!

And I'm kidding about the post title. Mostly. Of course, I'm still sane. I can't predict what will happen were that to change.

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