Thursday, June 02, 2011

People of kijiji:

Like seriously... WTF?

I see this ad for a man's watch listed at $350: "I have a brand new men's XXXXXX watch for sale. Regular price is $450.00. I can email a picture of the watch if interested."

Oh wait! I have a far-out idea. Why don't you just place a picture of the watch IN THE AD? Because I'm not even going to bother emailing you for a picture. Am I being picky? OK, have it your way. The next time Future shop sends out a flyer, let's see how you react when they don't include any pictures and say "We can email a picture of the [insert computer / cell phone / appliance / DVD here] if interested."

I'm sorry. I'm being ridiculous. I've had an annoying day and I shouldn't take it out on you. Maybe there's a good reason for the missing picture. Maybe your camera batteries are running low and you're poor and trying to conserve battery power. Maybe you can only recharge your camera batteries with solar power and it's too cloudy. Maybe you have a phobia of cameras and need to ask your sister to come over to take pictures and you don't want to be a bother. Oh, I almost forgot. Maybe the watch is stolen and a picture might tip off the police or the real owner of the watch.

Can you at least include a model number so we can Google our own image of the damned thing? Geez.... Good luck selling your watch.......

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Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly! Here is a personal favourite of mine I see all the time on Kijiji: "Need Gone ASAP, price firm, no low ballers" What!!! If you really need to sell something quickly, then your position in the negotiation is unbalanced. I think people have seen these phrases in other ads and said to themselves, "that sounds like cool gangsta talk, I'm going to stick those in my ad"