Friday, March 25, 2011

Radioactive propaganda

I'm very disappointed and frustrated that the current situation in Japan is feeding the fire of the anti-nuclear lobby. This group is now shouting loud and clear about how this is just another example of how dangerous nuclear energy is and why (in particular) Americans should not build any more plants to produce electricity with a lower carbon footprint.

Anyone who has done their homework would know that the reactor design employed in Japan's power plants is circa 1960 -1970 is by far one of the least safe designs available. Interestingly, most American power plants use this same older design. But it is a known fact that the newest designs cool the reactor very differently from the old ones that have malfunctioned and do not rely on power to supply water to the reactor core.

So the irony is in the fact that any new reactor built today would be exponentially safer than most reactors in production at the moment (Europe excluded, as they have built many modern, safe reactors), but nobody has the will to do it based on disasters resulting from old, obsolete and unsafe design.


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