Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crap makes them more money

Confessions of a Staples employee made for a good read, but the part I'll show a sample from here I already knew. What you're about to read is most likely true for all big box electronics stores by the way, not just Staples.

"Staples makes almost nothing, and sometimes loses money, on PCs, especially laptops. As a result, Staples focuses very strongly on selling you a bunch of crap they make a lot more money on. If you try to dash in, buy a laptop and dash out you won't be dashing anywhere. They have a system to eat up 20+ minutes of your time, in an attempt to sell you extended service plans, tech services, accessories, anything. If a sales associate is letting laptops fly out the door without attaching any other sales to it he won't be there long. A sales associate would far rather you not buy at all than buy just a laptop, so expect roadblocks to be thrown up if you make your intentions obvious."

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