Thursday, December 09, 2010

My review of the Otterbox Defender (for iPad)

One of the reasons (yeah I know, I'll use it as a reason but I really bought it for me) I bought my iPad is because I wanted to introduce my grand-daughter to computing with it. I mean seriously - what an introduction! But no sooner did I buy it when I realized this delicate gadget was at terrible risk in her hands and I lost a little blood in my face. After all, the device is not cheap.

So I looked around at what iPad protection offerings there were and kept coming back to the Otterbox brand. I knew it would be overkill, but their Defender case looked like the perfect solution that would let me rest easier with the iPad in Olivia's unforgiving grasp.

I couldn't find anywhere local that sold it, so off to eBay I went. Got a great deal at $60 and cheap delivery. This case was much thicker and heavier than I had imagined, but it certainly adds the perfect feeling of ruggedness that I was looking for. It's a clever set. One part of the cover is meant to be permanent, with a removable section for the data connector port. But the 'extra' cover clasps either onto the back or the front to cover the screen for maximum protection. This extra cover also doubles as a prop stand for the iPad and has rubber feet to make the iPad slip-free on most surfaces.

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Your Bro said...

I can tell you that we have dropped our ipad several times and it has never damaged the ipad screen or shell and we only have the leather case. They are stronger than they look.