Thursday, December 31, 2009

I just had a thought. Yeah..... it happens.

The TV networks and just about everybody else whose livelihood depends on advertising money have been complaining to the world that their revenue stream is reducing to a trickle.

Aside from the obvious excuses, such as the recession (which I don't entirely believe anyway), has it ever occurred to the networks that maybe one of the reasons nobody wants to pay top dollar for ad time on TV anymore is because the ad agencies know nobody is watching the crap the major networks seem to be expelling these days? In other words, if you started producing some quality material, maybe you could command those kinds of dollars again.


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Anonymous said...

One of the things that stuns me is that I find that CBS evening news is being sponsored by "INFOMERCIALS" The six million dollar man was touting a spiffy new hearing aid. Fer gawds sakes.
I think Food Network has sexier commercials than that. At least the ads for manly performancy have not popped up, 'scuze the pun. R