Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 'two thousands' in review

Tomorrow brings to a close the first decade of the 21st century. I have to say, the two thousands were a surprising whirlwind for me. They started with my retirement from the military after 20 years and knowing absolutely nobody in the city I live in (the military can do that to you........ the not knowing anyone where you live part). Worse, although I had spent the last two decades working with computers and other advanced technology, the military doesn't leave you with anything proving that you know what you know.

So on the government's dime, Darlene convinced me to take a computer program, so that I'd at least have some civilian credentials. That program landed me a job teaching at that very school immediately upon completion of the program. And the adventure officially began. I taught there for 3 years, meeting dozens of about to be new entry-level IT folks along the way, making some great friends. By the end of the 3 years, I knew a lot of people. I started a blog! (which led to all new friends) My next job was almost handed to me, courtesy of a friendly engineer who passed my resume to HR at a defence contractor firm. I started out as a trainer there and worked my way through various projects and roles and ended my stint as a test technologist. Again, made some fantastic friends and got to do some types of work I had only dreamt of before. I made some fun videos with my friend Bernie as a tribute to Bob & Doug (which almost made us famous). It was a good run while it lasted. At the same time, I got involved with (again thanks to Darlene) acting training and eventually improvisation. Before long, I came to realize that I was less interested in performing and more eager to teach the basics of improvisation, which I got to do with the help of my original acting mentor, Georgette. Loose Moose introduced me to dozens of more fun folks. I also established myself as the go-to internet, technology and security guy at a local Con Ed institution. After getting laid off from the defence job, I waited out the summer to score what is possibly the best job I've ever come across as the sole trainer for an energy company - which I scored in part thanks to a couple of my former students back at the beginning of this story.

So, lots of changes, hundreds of new friends, exciting career paths, and finally an exploration of my creative side with the blog, acting and improvisation. I feel like the old me is a complete stranger now. The one thing that has stuck with me through it all is that many if the things I enjoy today would not have been possible without making some key (and for me... risky) decisions.

And I have a grand-daughter.

Bring on the next decade!

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