Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What recession?

So Calgary's newest indoor mall in 20 years opened today - CrossIron Mills. Some thoughts:
  • Only one exit off of the main highway to access the mall. BOO.
  • The mall has a Fossil store. YAY.
  • The traffic Nazis decided where you could park. BOO.
  • ATV taxis shuttling people from the perimeter of the parking lot to the entrances. YAY.
  • A new burger joint called South Street Burger Co., but not open yet. BOO.
The funniest thing that we saw at the mall was in the parking lot. A rather large dog was in the front seat of a truck, its front paws resting on the steering wheel. I don't know who it was barking at, but each time it would bark, its body would lurch enough to bring its full weight back down onto the steering wheel, thereby honking the loud truck horn. So all you saw was "BARK! HONK BARK! HONK BARK! HONK..... HONK" You could see people looking all annoyed for the source of the honking and once they saw the dog, just start laughing. Which perhaps got the dog going more.


Anonymous said...

What!? It's not on U-tube yet? R

Anonymous said...

Geez Karl!! Why didn't you take a video? LOL

Karl Plesz said...

I had no video capture capability. Sorry to disappoint. You'll have to use ImaginaTube.

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