Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you want to sell something..... then 'sell' it!

Darlene and I have always wondered what goes through some peoples' heads when they post stuff for sale online. Not so much about the items themselves, but the photograph of the item that gets put online. I mean, they do intend to 'sell' the thing, right?

The Good: This is how you sell a bike. High contrast, well lit picture. Nothing around to distract from the item.

The Bad: If you're trying to promote the value of an item, like an antique sewing machine, you might want to showcase it properly, not surrounded by junk. Keeping your finger away from the lens helps too.

Below is a picture of a retro phone table from the 1970s. It might help if you stood upside down to view the picture. No, I'm serious - that's how the image appeared in the ad. Isn't that swell? Lighting is an important part of good picture taking too.

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