Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can we just get over the breast bearing already?

A woman was breast feeding her child (covered) in an Ikea store in New York when security banished her to the bathroom. What is it about breast feeding in public that has folks' nipples in a twist? (See what I did there?) Do people actually find it disturbing to see a mother feed their baby in the most natural and healthy manner possible?

I really don't comprehend America's bizarre obsession with breasts. We get moderate doses of them in movies but abhor them being displayed in public. Oh..... except for Mardi Gras of course. I admire the European attitude toward nudity in all of its forms. Nobody flinches (except the tourists) at topless or even completely nude beaches and swimming pools in Europe. Generally, we really are a bunch of puritanical prudes over here. It's very unfortunate.

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Goddess of Madness said...

Having just given birth to my second daughter who I'm having a bit of a fight to breast feed as I was stuck in ICU for the first 4 days of her life, this still boggles my mind. With my first daughter I had it down to an art so I could be doing it while grocery shopping and no one was the wiser. And frankly the only time anyone ever commented about no one wanting to "see that" to me? I told her no one wanted to see her fat ass in spandex leggings either but were to polite to comment.