Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I like other peoples' dogs - just not their shit

The neighbour's dog saga continues. I mentioned this citizen's transgressions a year and a half ago - OK not his, but his dog's. Well, nothing has changed really. When the bylaw officer comes around to check on things after anyone complains, the leash magically appears on the dog's neck for a few days, then after a couple of weeks it's back to status quo. Now the guy has adopted a second dog, who also is allowed to roam free in the neighbourhood. This time I have video evidence. It's pretty hard to argue against. See that dog - on our porch? It's not ours.

The thing is - I wouldn't say boo about the dog if it didn't always shit on our lawn. It's not my job to clean it up. But it has been my job for several months.

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Goddess of Madness said...

We have a dog in our neighbourhood that barks and charges. He has scared the living crap out of me and Charlotte on more than one occasion. I have called the city on this damn dog 3 times and by the time anyone comes around he's disappeared.