Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I like dogs. OK...... I tolerate them. As long as they're not shitting on my lawn, drooling on me, jumping on me with their dirty paws, or peeing in my house, I'm generally OK with their presence. But there are 2 dogs in my immediate vicinity that are a source of great angst.

On the one hand, there's this one dog whose owner refuses to keep control of it. So we have dog poop on our lawn and when the dog sees me, it wants nothing more than to run toward me at full tilt, ending in a non-stop game of "let's see if I can actually jump into this guy's arms because I like him so much". The owner rarely keeps him on a leash and thinks the whole thing is a big joke. A few neighbours have complained about the dog, but this wily owner manages to evade being caught by the by-law enforcement people.

On the other hand there's a dog who won't stop barking. In this case, the owner just plain doesn't look after the dog, partly due to health problems. So whenever the dog is out (which is at least 12 hours a day) - it's bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark. Bark at the people who go by, bark at the dogs being walked to the park, bark at the dogs in the park, bark at the sun coming up, bark at the sun going down, bark at the rain............

It's maddening. I will be very glad when both of these neighbours are gone.

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