Saturday, May 31, 2008

What if my hands are lethal weapons?

Oh man. The longer airport security continues with their crazy tactics with impunity, the dumber they look and the more I shake my head. This post from BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow links to the tale of airport security geniuses in Kelowna BC (a city in the interior vacation belt of that province) insisted on confiscating a 1.7" long charm necklace in the shape of a pistol - with no moving parts.

The best part is his close-out:

"Hey, Guy? If I could make a miniature gun that was 1.7" long and contained no moving parts and could still fire bullets, I could also make it in shapes other than gun. If your security seriously contemplates defending against that level of technology (firing bullets out of a solid object less than 2" long), then you'd better confiscate all metal objects, period. Also, what are you doing about other conceivable -- but technically impossible -- threats, like telekinesis, voodoo, and directed sunspot radiation?"

I'm guessing the people who make the charms I pictured are going out of business......

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