Monday, February 18, 2008

Synchronicity... Fate... Call it what you will.......

I've already mentioned that I'll soon be a grandpa. Wait until you hear about how her name was chosen. Awww heck, I'll just ruin the story...... I'll just let our daughter Lee-Anne tell it:

"After finding out we were having a girl (was under the impression it was going to be a boy), we were at a loss to what to name our daughter on the way... I was in the shower one morning going through the alphabet, you know A..Allison, Abbey, Andrea... Nothing really had an impact on me until I came to O and said Olivia, and there, that sounded fantastic to me. Forgot to mention it to Colin..."

"Two days later, Colin comes home from work and says.." I thought of the perfect name - what do you think of Olivia?" That's when I had a mild freak, jumped up and said..."That's it for sure!!! Olivia it is..."
And that's the story.

[play Twilight Zone music here]

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Anonymous said...

Olivia is my 8 year old niece's name I remember being mad at my sister for using it before me LOL