Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby bargains

We wanted to help our daughter out with her baby that's coming in a few months. After a little shopping around we saw just how expensive good quality baby stuff is these days. Darlene remembered me mentioning a little (heh) site called craigslist, that had among other things, a buy / sell section. Darlene went to the Vancouver section of craigslist and noticed that people tend to put the area they live in parentheses to indicate what neighbourhood they're in. Darlene browsed the listings, starting with the newest listings, and began looking for some great deals. Darlene found a top of the line stroller / car seat combo worth more than $400 for under $200. When Darlene explained she was trying to help out her daughter, the seller also threw in an expensive exer-saucer. She also scored a $200 solid wood change table in mint condition for $40, an antique wooden spindle rocking chair for $25 and a solid wood crib and mattress valued at over $500 for $90. So if you're looking to equip yourself for baby, don't forget about craigslist if it services your area. Craigslist makes it possible to post pictures too, which really helps sell stuff.

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