Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UK radio leaves me wanting

You know how I go on about how sucky radio is in Calgary? Perspective is everything. Yu should see what it's like in England. I would have thought radio would be utterly fantastic, with the airwaves bursting with stations blaring music we've never heard before.

Nope. You might get a dozen stations if you're lucky and 4 of them are BBC variants. They mostly suck and there is 50% inane chatter, 25% advertising and 25% music - most of which can be classified as 70's disco, modern dance club music or Travis.

I expected much more from you mate.


Royce said...

Wot!? No satellite radio, mate? No IPOD things? Oh, dear must be like driving across the Nevada desert in the 60's, must hiss and no reception. I sang a lot of songs to myself. Phew!

Karl Plesz said...

I actually brought my entire mp3 collection with me on my Macbook, so that I could listen to my music in my hotel or whatever. But I failed to think of bringing my FM transmitter so I could pipe the music into the car's FM radio. I was expecting radio to be decent in the UK.

I'll know better next time.