Sunday, August 26, 2007

We're off to see the Ho'.........

Because we got a late start out of Calgary on Friday, we didn't drive right through to Vancouver, but made an overnight stop in bustling Revelstoke BC (pop. 8700). Saturday morning, the car all packed, I got into the car, turned to Darlene and exclaimed (ready to go get some breakfast), "Off to see the Ho'!"

Darlene's face was immediately overcome with the kind of expression normally reserved for reactions to announcements like "I'm leaving you" or "I killed your family". She said, "How could you say such a thing about (my step-daughter) Lee-Anne?!" who we would be visiting next on our journey. "I'm telling her you said that", she warned.

I said, "I wasn't talking about Lee-Anne...... I was talking about breakfast!" You see, we lovingly refer to Tim Horton's as Timmy the Ho.

Aren't misunderstandings fun?

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