Sunday, August 26, 2007

Overload? Overlord?

This morning I thought I'd get dressed and find the nearest coffee. I didn't have to search far, as the map shows. Those green dots are Starbucks locations and our hotel is right above the 'H' in Homer street. [snort - Homer street - snort] So basically, 3 locations within one block.

Do we really need that much access to coffee? Do we? I ask you.....


Anonymous said...

Well, I would like it, but I haven't got it. I would love to have a Starbucks around that didn't involve a 15 minute drive. Heidi

Anonymous said...

Then you might find this interesting. There are 12 new starbucks slated to be built in downtown Vancouver. This makes me laugh as you wont be able to go for 2 blocks without coming across a Starbucks.

I could hit 6 starbucks on my way to work if I wanted to. But I have my very own espresso machine at home (one from Starbucks) and I make my Cappuccino in the morning before I head to work. Mmmmmm.