Friday, March 09, 2007

100 things in 100 days - numbers 100 and 99

Based upon the fact that my original 100 things about me post may state certain facts about yours truly, but doesn't really expand on their significance, and on inspiration from other bloggers, I present: 100 things in 100 days. Where I essentially re-hash the list while amplifying the content. Isn't recycling great?

100. I've decided to make this list a work in progress. Whooops! I guess this one doesn't count. Moving on.....

99. I would love to visit Tokyo. And Australia.

Yeah, if money (and time) were no object, these are the first two places I'd be heading. We'd start with Japan. What draws me to Japan? Well, for starters, all the stories. I know a great number of people who have actually lived in Japan (but weren't from there) and the culture sounds fascinating. There are 2 aspects of Japan I want to experience. The high tech side of shopping in Ginza, Shinagawa-ku and Shinjuku. Then, the amazing transit system, including the high speed rail.

The next trip would be to Australia. I think I'd like to start in Melbourne and work my way East to Sydney and North up to the Gold and Sunshine Coast. Yeah, that would be grand. A side trip to Ayers Rock might even be in order. The pictures of the beaches I've seen are awe-inspiring.

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