Saturday, August 28, 2004

100 things about me (Hey - it's all the rage)

1. I currently live within 100 metres of the Trans Canada Highway.
2. I am the eldest of 3 children.
3. I'm a pretty good spellar. really.
4. I've only lived in 4 cities in my life so far. Montreal, Kingston, Edmonton and Calgary.
5. I like talking. I'm opinionated and outspoken.
6. I believe 8 hours of sleep is enough.
7. I prefer the city over the country.
8. I used to DJ in my spare time.
9. Many people who see me while driving scramble to put their seatbelt on.
10. My wife and I met at a party neither of us were planning to attend.
11. Very few people can spell my last name on first try.
12. I care what others think about me.
13. Although the risk is higher, I prefer honesty and frankness.
14. I am Canadian.
15. I've been smoke-free since June 1999.
16. I have an incredible wife. I think we're soul mates.
17. I have difficulty resisting good food.
18. I am a perfect candidate for testing new technology. Including cars.
19. I did inhale. Many times.
20. I'd like to fly a plane someday. Yet, I don't enjoy fair rides. Weird huh?
21. I believe in extra-terrestrials. I'd consider going with them if I were invited.
22. I abhor touching or putting stuff in my eye, which is why I'll never wear contacts.
23. I prefer tea over coffee.
24. I don't need to drink alcohol to have fun.
25. I've been accused of being pompous. Me!
26. I can cook and rather enjoy it.
27. I don't like the taste of beer.
28. I'm a marksman.
29. I'd like to operate my own music store.
30. I can sing (well at one time I could).
31. I believe everything happens for a reason.
32. I have no tattoos. Or piercings. This will not change.
33. My team is the Montreal Canadiens.
34. I love teaching.
35. Pink Floyd is my favourite band. Dark Side of the Moon is my album of all time.
36. The furthest north I've been is Alert, NWT, Canada.
37. Furthest east is the former East German border.
39. Furthest south is San Diego [updated].
40. Furthest west is Courtney BC, Canada.
41. I try not to judge people based on what others say.
42. I'm afraid of heights.
43. Best ice cream I ever had: peanut butter and vanilla at Seaside Heights NJ.
44. Born and raised in and around Montreal.
45. I can't swim. But I love the sound of the surf.
46. I discovered women at the age of 14 at Seaside Heights NJ. One of These Nights by The Eagles was playing on the boardwalk PA.
47. Coke over Pepsi anyday.
48. I believe people wear too much perfume.
49. I like cats.
50. I should have been an actor. I love an audience.
51. I am a Taurus.
52. My birth mother died when I was just a few days old.
53. I am a 'meat popsicle'. Hehehe - I love that movie.
54. I have a temper, but I think I've tamed it.
55. I often crave real chip truck fries.
56. I love thunder and lightning storms.
57. I've been surfing the web since 1994.
58. Comedy is an important part of my life.
59. I served 20 years in the military.
60. I've owned 6 cars and 3 motorcycles over my life so far. I drive a Mercedes Benz B250 [updated] at the moment.
61. I actually owned a Commodore Vic 20. (shudder)
62. I am a Liberal.
63. I have a great interest in city planning.
64. I don't celebrate birthdays anymore.
65. I met the only mom I know when I was 3.
66. I can make the 'live long and prosper' sign.
67. I freak out when people don't answer the phone, or alarms go off unattended.
68. Dogs love me.
69. I can recite the alphabet backwards very fast.
70. I used to think that because I didn't like salmon salad, I wouldn't like salmon. I was wrong.
71. I am pro-choice. I think birth control should be free.
72. I'd prefer a good burger to a steak.
73. I've dabbled with a synthesizer.
74. I find city lights just plain beautiful. And fireworks.
75. I love driving.
76. I don't understand suicide.
77. When I was 5, I could speak English, French and German.
78. I once beat a radio personality at music trivia.
79. My favourite drink is Bailey's on ice.
80. I like pie. Pie pie pie pie pie!
81. I don't like to wear jewelry.
82. I have a great sense of direction.
83. I like architecture and interior design.
84. While in the military (as a technician) I once did a paid tasking for a whole month as a bartender.
85. I download music - it's the only way to discover anything good.
86. I prefer paying cash.
87. One of my high school friend's mom dated William Shatner.
88. I'm very ticklish.
89. I can roll my tongue.
90. I type with two fingers.
91. My dad moved out when I was 18.
92. I was hoping we'd be a space-faring race by now.
93. I love music. Especially eclectic music.
94. My fave movie is BladeRunner. Vanilla Sky gets honorable mention.
95. I miss 70's FM radio. Not so much the music - the lack of crap commercialism.
96. I have quite an imagination.
97. I gave up on shampoo - soap on everything!
98. When I grow up, I want to be......aww who am I kidding? I'll never grow up.
99. I would love to visit Tokyo. And Australia.
100. I've decided to make this list a work in progress.


Sheri said...

101 - Those who have been fortunate enough to be in one of Karls classes fondly refer to him as "Unkie Karl"

Harry and I really enjoyed reading this post! We knew some of it, guessed at others (eg. #19) hehe
Thanks for sharing Unkie Karl!


Beth Danae said...

good idea to do a 100 things post.. I agree, very few people read my archives.. I know cuz I only get comments on like the last 2 or 3 posts, not the old stuff.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear you recite the alphabet backwards. That would be cool...


Heatsink said...

I have to wonder what it's like to have the time to ponder 100 things about yourself.

Holy narcissistic

Cuz, like...that's not a 5 minute job.

Karl Plesz said...

Well heatsink, couldn't you pretty much say that about having a blog in the first place? Cuz, like...that's not a 5 minute job either.

My point is, people who take the time to broadcast their thoughts to whoever is listening about stuff is eventually going to reveal things about themselves. But to call me narcissistic would be inaccurate. I did it based on seeing such a list on other blogs. So if you're going to call me anything, 'copycat' would be more appropriate.