Monday, October 24, 2005


I've always wanted to visit Australia. Some day. I hear they do things different down under:
  • Almost every toilet has two flush buttons, one for a "half flush" (often really a 2/3) for #1 and a full flush for #2.
  • Australia uses 240v and all plugs must have a tiny switch on the plug to disable it to avoid sparks when plugging things in and out.
  • In Victoria and South Australia, there was a massive campaign on the highways against sleepy driving, with signs literally every few miles asking sleepy drivers to pull over, and free coffee for drivers at most roadside stops.
Seen at Brad Ideas, via J-Walk

Aussie slang here.

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Jon said...

I found that the toilets generally only had one flush button, but you could press it half way to get the 'half flush' and all the way for the full dealie.

The urinals, however, were archaic. In general they were the full length deal running all the way down the wall into the floor. More accurately, into a trench that you stood over on a metal grate.

Very icky by North American standards.